Yab-Yum: The Eternal Embrace

This night I come to you unarmed

I am your shakti

wrap my thighs around your bronze torso

caress you with my many hands my many arms

my tongue tracing the tantric sitar notes

down to your heaving navel

I am your serpent charmer

kiss my mouth sweet with mango juices

masking the taste of your essence upon my tongue

drums beat faster, the sitar dizzying melodies

my golden charms jingle as I

sway to the music for you

heavy incense wraps around our bodies

like nosy pey spirits

stealing our mantras of ecstasy with jealous clutching dirty fingers

You are my disciple

lying prone upon the maroon and royal purple silk cushions

candlelight flickers through the

lattice work wall upon your face

your kohl lined eyes smoky with worshipful lust

But I am the prowling tigress tonight and

you are my prey

lotus blossoms caught between my pointed teeth

biting you around the right nipple

marking you as mine

only this dance of the flesh matters

your sweet thrusting, fingertips tease my womanhood

This ascension is so intoxicating I laugh

my body feels encased in warmth.

your muscles my muscles

hardness and softness at once.

you, needing to say something, moan

that you love me.

midnight flowers fills your eyes and mouth

as I lean over you

ever the smiling Dark Goddess

"It does not matter."

and it truly does not

4/10/04 listening to Ravi Shakar 8:45pm