Simplyfied version of the slide to war. History for dummies. Tell me if I got anything wrong: this is my revision on the line.


It was June of 1914. Jimmy was in a foul mood because his best mate, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the throne of Austria and all round rich guy, had just been assasinated by Princip, a Serbian student who was a black hand member.

Jimmy was also worried. Austria was understandably angry (ever since they seized the Slav filled Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1908, the Black Hand had been trying to unite all Slavs again and become one with Serbia) and they soon demanded compensation and the right to send troops into Serbia. They'd wanted troops in the country for a long time; this, they believed, would help stop a rebellion they feared would come from Slavs rising up against them.

Serbia refused. On the 28th of July, Austria attacked them.

Now this little scuffle may have gone entirely unnoticed if it had not been for a thing called the aliance system. Up to this point, European countries had been completely paranoid. The new Kaiser of Germany, Wilhelm 2 (aka: Kaiser Wilhelm 2) was an ambitious guy with a small arm and he wanted Germany to be strong and dominant in Europe, like a dominatrix or something. He was most likely compensating for his very small arm.

He began building a big army. Other countries started building big armies too, to match his, just in case he too a fancy to their land.

So Kaiser Wilhelm 2 had decided to ally with Austrio-Hungary in 1879 and call it the Dual alliance. In 1882, Italy decided it wanted in too and it was renamed the triple-alliance for obvious reasons.

The French and the Russians (who didn't like ambitious Germany much) made the Franco-Russian alliance against them in 1892. Britain allied with France in with the Entente Cordialle in 1904 and then, 3 years later, they all joined up together under the name of Triple Entente.

Anyways, back to the present with Jimmy and the problem in Serbia. The Serbians, what with them being Slavs and Russians being Slavs too, asked the Russians for help. The Russians began to mobilise troops. The Germans, being allies with the Austrians, told the Russians to stop.

Russians: "bite me"

Thus, the Germans declared war on Russia. France, allied with Russia, mobilised to help them and incured the wrath of Germany who sent troops through Belgium under the Schlieffen plan to get the French.

The Brits, rather than sticking up for the French, stuck up for the Belgians who they had an agreement with (and were less snooty and made nice chocolates) and declare war on the Germans.

Finally, in August 5th, Austria declared war on the Russians.

The entire process ("slide into war" if you will) had pulled in all of Europe yet had taken less than a month.

Jimmy went on holiday soon after to Eskimo land, where nothing really happens much.