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The house was quite big from the inside, with a large living room, dining room, kitchen, two bathrooms, four bedrooms and an office. However it was all on one floor the top floor was a conversed attic. In this converted attic was a large room with a worktop all around the outside now covered with drinks, cups, glasses, food and music and lighting stuff. Everyone was crowded around in the room dancing. There was a bathroom to the far side of the room also.

"Spin the bottle!" Kayla yelled. Immediately a small group started forming the centre of the room on the floor. Soon a small group became the whole party. That's how it started.

OK, I'll back up and explain first. My mates and I all hold gatherings sometimes and they turn into huge parties and well we end up playing games. I'm Gina, I'm seventeen and go to college, my four best friends are Kayla, the red head with a boob job at they look great I'll give her that, Dara, the youngest, she's sixteen and has the darkest long black waves of hair I've ever seen, Jewel, the short blonde with immensely long hair constantly hyperactive and then Mia, the blonde with short blonde hair and pretty little freckles. Then of course there's blonde with the drunken grin.

The catch with our parties. There is only one rule.


That's right a girls only weekly party. Needless to say we're all lesbians. There are usually about twenty to thirty of us too. Every guy's fantasy. Ah well. They can go screw themselves 'cause we're not interested.

First spin.

Dara being the host steps into the middle of the circle and spins the bottle to see who goes first. It lands on Sarah. A tall girl in my English class, a brunette with great skin and a great thin figure. She span. Being her usual strength show off it spun for ages. Then stopped on Nikki, Kayla's little sister, sixteen red head, very attractive but lacking in the boob department, but with a tight ass like that it could be easily overlooked.

"OK girlies. You know the drill." Dara announced. "Five minutes in the bathroom." They were promptly shoved into the bathroom.

Everyone went silent. You could hear the rustling of clothes and hands fumbling around before heavy breathing and giggling began. This continued for the five minutes before Dara yelled at them.

"Thirty seconds to look decent before the door comes open!" She called. After thirty seconds she swung the door open and the two girls came tumbling out giggling and panting, much to all of our disappointment, fully clothed.

Spin Two

Nikki spun the bottle. Who would be the lucky girl getting her hands on that ass. It landed on Dara meaning she had to renounce her role to me to keep order and time.

Thus everyone went silent yet again to listen to the gasps and moans and giggles aplenty.


. . .

A while later

Spin Eight.

It landed on me. I was to be in the bathroom with Jewel. Thus everyone would fantasise about two blondes this time.

The bathroom wasn't an unfamiliar sight to me. I locked the door behind us and started to unzip Jewels top. Experts as we were no bras were even worn, less to remove in the time. Before long I had her on the floor sucking at her lovely pale breast. Yummy! Turning the tables on me she grabbed my ass and span us over so that she was on top sliding her hands up my skirt. I gasped at her quick intrusion before throwing my head back at her skill. Time was running out and we were away. Removing more clothes and ontop of one another. Top and to speak. The sweet torture of a quick sixty-niner in Dara's bathroom. Seconds later we got our thirty second warning and started dragging clothes back on. Before she left the bathroom I pinned her against the door and breathed in her ear.

"I'll finish you later." She giggled.

"You'd better." She replied.

Alas out we came. Shame. She was one of the best lesbians there and what were the chances of us getting another go now?

My next victim was a girl in my French class. She was pale skinned, dark haired, gorgeous eyes, gorgeous tits! I wanted them!

So the party continued.

So a lot happens in these parties. By the end of the night you end up with a load of naked girls all having a massive something like that.

I'm wondering around in my thong with no bra and not many other people are wearing much either. The lights dim and smoky from the candles ad incense and the floor covered with groups of girls getting off.

I found myself out of no where being pinned to the counter by Jewel. I hadn't quite forgetten that promise I had made her. She leaned in to kiss me and I dodged kissing her on the neck and trailing them back to her breasts. sucking at them always had the best affect, biting was good for a quick gasp but if you wanted real affect you need firm but not rough sucking in a steady rhythm. We moved to the floor and she started responding by running her hands across my skin and squeezing my ass. Minutes later the underwear were torn away and I lay on top of her licking at her. Teasing her, though everytime I did so she teased me back. I thrust my tongue into her taking her by surprise and started again with a steady rhythm. Before long i could feel seet hot liquid running into my mouth and over her. I licked her harder causing her to scream and then cleaned the mess I had made of her. She pinned me to the ground and trust her fingers in me. Before long she too started teasing me in a steady pace.

Before long dara had got out the sauce. We all took a bottle and wrestled eachother to see who was the messiest. Chocolate, fudge, toffee, strawberry. Then the game was on to see who could lick the most people clean. Naked flesh covered only by ice cream .

As usual Kayla won. She was just THE lesbian slut. Eventually everything cooled down and after claiming their clothes one by one the girls began to leave the party.

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