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I sat up to the bright light of Saturday lunchtime. After the partying I had crawled back home and slept through 'til noon. Well, not quite about eleven. I got up, picked up the clothes screwed up on my floor from last night and folded them over my chair. Then I walked into my bathroom to shower.

I stood under the warm water and sighed. That was a nice wake up. Of course then I had to clean off all the remaining stickiness left from the chocolate sauce and wash my hair.

Then I went back to my room and got dressed. I put on a pair of black trousers and a fitted white shirt and tied my hair up in a bun before heading out to work. I was a waitress at a fancy restaurant in the centre of the city, good pay really. I work from twelve until six on a Saturday and eight until five on Sunday and ended up with a couple of hundred dollars a week. Not bad considering I'm only seventeen.

Luckily there wasn't much at work to do today so I left at three and went to the café to meet up with some of the girls.

I sat down talking to Kayla and Jewel while drinking a large chocolate milkshake. I turned to Jewel and caught a glint in her eyes. She was day dreaming. I found myself studying her more closely than usual. Not that I minded that view of her nice cleavage in that low cut top.

Kayla suddenly snapped her fingers at us.

"WAKE UP!" she screamed. "What good is a gossip session when you two are miles away?!"

"Hm.I'd better go home." Jewel said.

"Don't worry, I'll give you a lift." I offered. "Kayla you want one?"

"Sure, I guess." Kayla replied. "Drop my at Dara's."

We all climbed into my jeep and drove down the road. I dropped Kayla off at Dara's. Then Jewel at her house then I drove home. Such an interesting day I'm sure.

Strange as it sounds to wash twice a day I went and ran a bath. I just led in the tub daydreaming, drifting to sleep. I felt hands on my shoulders stroking my neck. I sighed contently before realising that someone was actually there. I sat up quickly to see that Jewel was behind me.

"I used the window." She said quietly. I climbed out of the tub and reached for the strap on her halter top. It fell to the floor and I peel her tight jeans off of her before admiring her lacey underwear and removing them.

We both climbed into the bath together and had and nice long bubble bath. No words were spoken.

I washed her hair and rinsed it before combing her wet locks. When her hair was knot free I leant down to kiss her neck. She turned around and we met in a kiss softer than intended. It heated up quickly and we sank back into the bubbles in a rush of kissed.

This felt different but the same. This wasn't just for fun, but this was lust. This was fulfilling a I needed her. Whether that need was just sex or whether that need was Jewel, I didn't know.

I kissed her slowly and we climbed out of the tub and onto the floor. I ran my hands over her damp skin and my fingers through her dripping hair. I kissed every inch of her. I reached for my vibrator and moved it towards her. She shuddered in shock as I slid it into her and then gasped as it shook inside of her. I held it in place with one hand as I came back up to kiss her deeply. Then I trailed kissed down to her, licking and grazing at the right spot.

This time Jewel screamed as she orgasmed. Then I turned off the vibrator and put it to one side, moving up to her breasts, kissing them ever so softly. She caught my chin and pulled me up to kiss me on the lips.

I fell into her arms and we drifted to sleep on the floor of my bathroom.