A/N: Wrote this ages ago, like 2 months or something ago, and I just found
it yesterday! ^_^ I love cleaning out my purse ^_^ R/R.
My "style", my "way", my own "special flair"
Makes jealous girls grumble and dumbstruck boys stare
How can they love me when I myself cannot?
This questioning plagues me, takes over my thoughts
I think you understand, you alone comprehend
And you make it OK that I am who I am
You know that I've lied, lost myself in a moment
Question the future, put myself through hellish torment
You don't say, "It's not true! Alicia you're perfect!"
But rather, "I love you anyway, perfectly imperfect"
And that makes me smile, and OK with myself
Put some of my insecurities away on a shelf
I wish I could thank you, for how you make me feel
But there're no words for this happiness, this feeling unreal
But I will try my best, to make you happy too
My imperfect prince charming, how I do love you.