A/N: written a while back, kody n I were havin a really bad day I guess and
I needed to write so I wouldn't cry. R/R.

Your Sadness

The scream is stuck inside my throat
Inside my head I hear it burst
I want to feel the sting of a silvery blade
As it quenches my deathly painful thirst
Fuck, my eyes are leaking again
Make those acid drops stay inside my heart
I can't breathe, can't keep myself alive
As emotions tear my insides apart
I break apart and it all falls out
Freeing me of this wretched sting
God damn it, make the voices stop
Tearing holes freely as they sing
"You stupid girl, why do you feel
The way you do, it's pointless and wrong"
Through the years I've come to know
Too well the tune of their song
So bring me help and let me go
Away to die and set me free
Of all the anguish, agony, pain
Your deadened eyes
Your tear stained cheeks
Your hurtful words
Your sadness always brings to me