I cut my wrists
To see what's inside
A world I can't see
Doctor you lied.
I'm not made of flesh
I'm a wooden girl
A marionette
Lost in the world.

Doctor you lied
My eyes have gone blind
Darkness creeps in
And I can't see behind.
I'm afraid of the dark
I'm afraid I'm not real
They're going to burn the witch
Watch her skin peel.
I'm a marionette
Dancer of the dead
Misanthropic doll
What goes on in my head?
My eyes they can't see
My skin can't feel
The world is fading
It all seems surreal

I'm a marionette
I can't move on my own
They're keeping me here
I just want to go home.
Doctor you lied
I thought I was real
I thought I was a girl
But a real girl can feel.