I'm drowning in,
This holy water,
So I can never feel again,
Grabbing to the waves,
Hugging this last buoy of time,
In the sea of thought,
Drowning without,
This holy water,
Holding onto something real,
Getting torn away by what was,
Creation of the false,
So breathe deep,
This holy water,
Giving you the gft,
Of that which never stays,
Forever in your heart
Just drown me in,
This holy water,
'Cause I don't want to feel again,
So pull me out of,
This holy water,
For theres no reason left to breathe,
As long as I ignore this life before me,
I just don't want to care,
Like I did before,
This holy water,
I use to feel like I couldn't live,
Like I was dead in,
This holy water,
Sacriledge of feeling,
Blasphemy of thought,
Two betrayel of ourselves,
Fools love that they can breathe,
But they don't need,
This holy water,
Quite like I do,
'Cause I drown without,
This holy water,
I've learn that I can't breath unless,
Submerged in,
This holy water,
An oxygen of infamy,
An elixer of truth,
The truth of lies.