Poison caked upon your lips
Form whence you tasted the forbidden fruit
Was it worth it, as you lie moaning?
Coughing blood drops into your pale grey hands.

Jutting bones from a shadowed face
A face that once held a smile
Where only a ghost remains
The poison courses through your veins
There is no antidote- you are condemned.

You sought truth and dared to seek it
Cared not who may seek retribution
They smote you down with their poison of hatred
Crumpled bones that were once your own
Lie in broken shards
Thorns pierce your womb- where did the child go?

Can you reclaim the blood that lies in puddles around your feet?
Your skin has become a sieve
Can you steal back your fading breath?
Or is it lost into the whirlwind
The whirlwind of my own denial.

The snake lies beside you
Cold and glassy now
Scarred scales only a memory
Eyes that once sought truth
Dimmed embers in a dying fire.

You begin to choke
Eyes clouded with fear
The poison is choking- filling your blood
You sought your answers
They are your poison
We cannot face the truth.