The rest is hate
This cloud is looming
and i fear the rains
that this storm shall bring
I cannot stand the thought
of losing you again
but you're gone
and i don't know what to do...
This devil on my shoulder
whispers that my feelings for you
died with you in that car
and that my future burned along
with your happiness.
I still remember
the last thing you said to me
"What will happen when I die?"
It was a religious talk
in which i was trying to convince christianity
and now i know
that the last thing i said to you
was a lie
and now you're gone...
I wiped the blood
from this your flower
and planted it
but it died.
I remember your smile
and miss you.
Why do i remember this now?
My love for you
died with your spirit
when i lost you in that car
But the pain won't go away.
I remember shouting to the skies
begging for sanity
and now all i have left
are the tears i'm shedding
which i last shed
six years ago.
I asked god for an answer
and he laughed.
There is no impressive ending
to this suicide note
just the tears it's sealed with
and the words
"I miss you..."