Take another hit,
Hit the gas again,
Again you kill me.

This is my tired anthem to you,
With your weed in one hand,
And car keys in the other,
I smile this once as you selfishly,
Take the lives of so many,
Into your own control.

I get down on my knees,
Tears searing my cheeks,
Phone so tightly grasped,
It would have to be surgically,
Removed from my hand,
And pray you get home...alive.

The real test is facing you,
A potential murderer,
And my best friend,
All rolled into one joint,
That you so lovingly,
Shove in my mouth,
And light for me.

How do I ever tell you?
That each hit you take,
Takes a piece of me with it,
Your high is my all time low,
And yet you say "just deal"
As if I'm supposed to sit here
And watch you die...

"Oh Rachael by the way,
today is the day, yes it's the day
I've decided I'm going to die,
Hope that's ok with you,
Don't bother to tell anyone,
I'm just having a little fun"

"Hey Max yea that's cool,
Guess I'll just see you around,
Kinda wish I were you right now,
Having such a gay old time,
Smoking my pot and driving my car,
Killing my best friend in the process"

What a pathetic conversation,
That would have to be...yet,
That's what you're asking of me,
And I'm riding the back seat,
As you light up in the front,
Saying nothing, doing nothing,
Not even moving, nor breathing.

I've stopped breathing,
Suffocation is my new best friend,
As marijuana has become yours,
I'm sorry but it would hurt too much,
To watch you...die.

Car door firm beneath my finger tips,
Push it open and watch the road,
Soaring by like some mad bat out of hell,
I take a deep breath and dive head first,
Unto the welcoming asphalt,
Watching your car go screaming,
Around each near death stretch of your life.

Take another hit,
Hit the gas again,
Again you kill me.