Author's Notes: This is about a grl who discovers that she is a lesbian and so her family shuns her and sends her away tearing her away from her little sister.

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The Sisterhood By Astarte Lydianna

~Sent Away~

It all started a while back. I was crying in the girls toilets and there she was. Dark waves of hair reached her waist and pale skin, copper colored eyes with that puppy dog expressed. She was panicking and almost crying herself.

"Oh, you poor thing! What did they do to you?!" she said. I let her wipe away my tears. "You look like you've had a rough time. Wanna talk about it?"

"They tease me because I like to read call me a teachers pet and they just won't leave me alone." I fell into her arms as she tried to comfort me.

"I know how that feels. I'm Haley. What's your name?" she asked softly. But I didn't answer her. I was lost in her eyes. We both knew what was going to happen and neither tried to stop it. Seconds later we were kissing.

Haley and I were friends for some time but then we were caught. Of course the girl who caught us gasped. She heard and suddenly slapped me going 'get off me you dyke!' . after that I was the dyke I was out though not by my own free will and she had gotten away free, free to hide until she was ready. Of course then I got bullied worse.

One afternoon during what should've been a maths lesson I was hiding in the toilets, bleeding and screaming. I teacher walked in and found me. She first panicked but when she saw that the cuts were only minor panic faded to pity. I hadn't been in that position for three years. Three years prior to that I had been suicidal and then I had gotten over it. But now, I was feeling these thoughts again.I needed to change something quick.

So what was the answer?

"Katrina 've signed you up to fly out to a boarding school." My father said awkwardly at what had been called a family meeting. My parents sat opposite me at the table. My little sister Georgina wasn't there.

"Fly? Boarding school?" I asked.

"You know as well as us that something has to change and this boarding school is one in five in the world that specialise in situations like yours." My dad said.

"Situation?!" I asked slightly more hurt.

"You are not the only person in this house and we cannot have your bad influence on Georgina! She is only five for Gods sake!" my dad roared. My mum winced. "You're going to this boarding school and that's the end of it!"

"I hate you!" I screamed as loud as I possibly could. And to my dad I meant every word. I ran to mine and Georgie's room and locked the door. I ran to Georgie and hugged her as tight as I could. I cried so much.

"I love you Georgie! No matter what I'll always be your big sister." I cried. Then she started crying.

"Where are you going Rina?" she asked. I started crying harder at the sight of her was sobbing her little heart out.

"Away Georgie. A long way away. To a special school because mum and dad thinks there's something wrong with me." I replied.

"Are you ill? Why can't you go to doctor? Do you need to go to hostiple." she asked. *AN she couldn't say hospital*

"No just away. I'll be ok." I replied.

I'll never forget the day I left. The day they tore us apart. My own parents were so embarrassed about my sexuality that they sent me from England to America to a special boarding school for lesbians and homosexuals, they tore me from my home and my little person I loved most in the entire world. They were convinced that if I left now she would forget I ever existed.

But I snuck a picture of her and me into her little locket underneath the one of her and mum and dad. She would find it one day. I also wrote a note and stuck it in the back of the closet in the trap door to the little cubby hole only her and I knew about that she liked to hide in, for when she could read. I just hoped that mum and dad wouldn't find them before she did.

I loved my little sister but my parents tore us apart and shunned me away because I'm a lesbian. a family torn apart because I'm a lesbian. I've been abandoned because I'm a not because I'm a lesbian but because my family are embarrassed about it!

Author's Notes: Will Katrina like her new boarding school or will she be trappedi n a nightmare miles from home with no way back? Hope you like it so far. Please read and review.