Author's Notes: This is about a grl who discovers that she is a lesbian and so her family shuns her and sends her away tearing her away from her little sister.

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The Sisterhood By Astarte Lydianna

~Far From Home~

She watched the trees passing her by as the taxi drove towards her destination. She had been travelling all night and it was now morning. She had slept on the plane and for most of the car journey.

"How far?" she asked the driver. Not that she really cared.

"A few miles, not long now." He replied. "Then we can both go find breakfast." She ignored the last comment. As pleasant as he was, all the driver had done had been complain about his belly.

They were now past the cities and into the country outside it. It was elegant country like in England, but it was brighter than in England.a lot less bad weather she least that was one good thing.

Soon she saw ahead a pair of giant gates and there was a brick wall around the area, though she could only guess how big that area was. The driver got out and pressed the voice box.

"Katrina Hillary, to the convent." He said. The gates opened. The driver got back into the taxi and drove up the long gravel drive. A building came into sight. It was huge. Clean white walls, save the ivy creeping up them in places making it look somewhat more homely.

The taxi stopped at the front door and two people came out to meet them. One went straight to pay the driver and the other took her things out of the boot and disappeared in the building with them. The driver left and the woman came over to her. She smiled slightly.

"Come on in then girl." She said, shoeing Katrina in the doors. "Let's get you indoors and sorted out."

Once inside the doors Katrina looked straight down a long corridor and to her left a reception desk. She was led into the reception and told to sit.

"Now, we've been given most of your details and assigned you a room. We'll start you off in a small room, to make sure you fit in. This is the girls side of the Convent, boys are seen at lunchtimes and breaks if you wish." She explained. "Now, you don't have to wear uniform unless it is an official out of school occasion where we must look our best. We do expect you to work. We hope this will be a safer and more friendly environment than normal school."

Katrina followed the woman up the stairs and through many hallways until she stopped at a door. She knocked and a red haired girl opened the door.

"This is Katrina Hillary. She's from England and she'll be staying with you. I trust you'll show her around and set an example, and be nice to her also." She announced before just leaving her. Katrina just stood hopelessly on the room's doorstep.

"Come in." the red haired girl said, ushering her into the room. Inside were two other girls. "I'm Amiee Miles." Katrina shook her hand.

"Rosie Morrison." A girl with a dark plaint down her back said.

"Laurena Kassidy." The blondish girl said.

So these were her room mates from now like she had any choice. They seemed nice at any rate.

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