Waiting To Explode

You tell me our love we must postpone

Please don't make me cry

Saying it's by time we both faced alone

Please don't let us die

Without another word, you hastily pack

Helplessly, I watch my life walk out the front door

You drive off, never looking back

Staring in utter disbelief, I collapse onto the floor

Tears of my affliction

Scarlet trails running down my cheeks

Pain becomes the addiction

As the days turn to weeks

Sadness creeping to it's height

Still I cannot face goodbye

Living in eternal night

Hopelessly, wishing on a starless sky

Each passing moment hurts more than the last

Can't play this game anymore

Engulfing myself within memories of the past

Defeat, it leaves me crying at the core

Dehydrated eyes

The tears have flowed

Only a smile can disguise

A heart waiting to explode