By Cederick Kuneraze
Book I: Rush of Blood
Mission I: Bounty Hunter

It was nighttime, the only sound was that of the rustling, unruly winds. The plaza seemed to be empty, all except for one solitary figure. He wore a mask, which covered his face from the bridge of his nose down, resembling the color of blood. His bright silver hair shined in the moonlight, making him look inhuman. Underneath the mask were clear blue eyes, most likely color-changed by wearing a type of non-corrective contacts, determined by its eerie neon glow. He quickly turned to see a man with two automatic pistols running towards him, guns blazing. The blue-eyed man, Raven Phoenixtear, held out his hand and it got filled with bullets before the other man ran out of ammunition. He picked the bullet shells out with his mouth after pulling down his mask and he lapped up the blood on his hand like a dog, because of this his wounds quickly healed.

Raven took out
his shotgun and ran up to his opponent, within pointblank range
he set open fire on his opponent, aiming at his head. The man's
head was quite literally blasted into millions of pieces.
"Sweet dreams," he said. The impact of the blast knocked the
lifeless body to the far wall, and Raven watched as the corpse
slid down the wall, smearing blood. Suddenly, he heard a
gunshot and caught a bullet from behind with his thumb and
index finger. He threw the bullet to the side and back flipped
onto a balcony looking onto the plaza. He took out another
shotgun, he knew without looking that beside him were two
snipers, for he could sense their body heat.

He fired and
the snipers slipped over the balcony, ultimately dying from
their twisted, broken necks in combination with their wounds.
Raven jumped back down to the plaza to find six more men
surrounding him with grenades and gunpowder kegs in their arms
and on their backs. He smiled and, with one fluid motion,
slashed lightning-quick with a sword at their grenade fuses and
knocked them back with a roundhouse kick. Within seconds, they
blew into pieces in sync with each other and the plaza was
utterly annihilated. Suddenly, Raven heard a feminine voice
say, "test over," and the obliviated plaza changed to a light
gray room as Raven exited through a nearby door that instantly