By Cederick Kuneraze
Book I: Rush of Blood
Mission II: Beginning of His Worries

Raven walked
out of the gray room into a house with a light blue house, to
the side, he saw his wife, Delila. She was wearing a dark blue
kimono, detailed with a cross embroidered on it. Her purple
eyes seeming so mysterious, and yet he knew all of her secrets.
Her thin face was thrown out of thought by her black hair which
had long, magenta streaks in it. "Raven, did you like the
simulation, Darling?" she asked him as she walked slowly toward
Raven sighed
and said, "It was ok, hon, but I expected more of you on the AI
programming. I don't think any idiot would run straight at a
guy with a gun and a sword." Raven laughs slightly. "I don't
think I'll ever see a guy practically at the top of his lungs,
'I GOT A BOMB!' either." Delila laughed heartily at this
"I guess
you are right, I've been slacking in the Artificial
Intelligence Department." She paused to do something on the
large black computer in front of the simulation chamber. "Do
you want to retest the simulation chamber when I'm done?" She
plucked away at the keyboard.
"I think
I've had enough simulations in the last fourteen years, but
sure." Raven put his red mask back on his face.
grinned sadistically. "I know what you're thinking, Raven. You
think it's time to rejoin as a police bounty hunter." She said.
Raven simply smiled. "Ha! After fifteen years of marriage I can
practically read your mind!"
The next
day, Raven headed towards the Police Department in the nearby
city of Nielston. The old city was still bustling with
excitement, mostly over a Bounty Hunter's competition, in which
the winners get all the bounties racked up in threefold. He
slowly opened the door and went in saying, "I'm here to
reregister as a bounty hunter." He saw a police officer come
out of a nearby hallway. It was Officer Whyatt Halliwell.
recognize that voice. RAVEN! How've you been doing? How long
has it been, fifteen years?"
Raven simply nodded. "What have you been doing over that time?"
Officer Halliwell asked as he took a sip of soda.

"I've been training everyday for fourteen years, and
right when I left, I got married to Delila. You know, that
vampire hunter I had a hard time with." Raven said. Halliwell

"Apparently you had a hard time with her in more
than one way. You couldn't get her off of you, could you?"
Halliwell winks at Raven and giggles for a while. "So, your
stats would be: Name- Raven Phoenixtear, Gender- Male, and age-
four-hundred one, race- vampire, blood type- B-. There you go,
Raven. Bounty Hunter ID: #90648. Welcome back to the force!"
Other policemen entered, hearing the commotion and applauded
when they saw Raven had rejoined.

Raven opened the door and headed out, on the way
he saw two teenagers, a boy and a girl.
He didn't notice anything familiar about the girl. But the boy
caught his attention. The boy had Delila's slender face, his
natural moon-colored eyes, and his silver hair. It was their
son, the one born thirteen years ago, who was presumed dead
under extensive medical care to keep him alive. He stood there
and stared at the child when he snapped out of it and said, "Oh,
sorry, thanks". He walked away with the suspicion that the child
noticed something about him as well.