Day after day,
You keep returning.
Even after you know,
You're not welcome.
I wonder what draws you here,
Why you wont just stay away.
So full of curiosity,
Of what lies behind the doors.
That you'll risk your life to get inside,
A feeling you wont ignore.
When the day comes to and end,
You finally give in.
And head back to your home,
Where you belong.
But we all know the same thing,
That when the sun rises.
You'll return back to our door,
Curiosity controlling you.
.:a/n:. Odd . . . See, there's this cat, which hangs around on our deck.
And I have two cats, so they like attack each other at the door . . . But
they aren't fighting, cause they aren't in the same room. And he just keeps
coming back day after day, no matter how vicious the cats are. He just
doesn't learn. This morning he got into our house and my cats like ganged
up on him and yeah . . . It woke me from my peaceful sleep, lol.