Hello, here is the second chapter of this story… which I must say I am enjoying to write, because it incorporates some of the songs that I have written and composed. I hope you like this chapter! R/R!

~Writer who also loves to sing~

Chapter Two: An Unusual Day

After feigning sickness to escape from attending school on the last day before winter break, Kaydence headed into the local dairy shack to grab an ice cream cake for her Mother's birthday. While waiting for the decorator to stop gazing at his boss's chest and complete the fancy writing she wandered over to the back of the restaurant to the women's restroom. As she headed down the aisle between the tables, she noticed a plump businessman in a black suit with a clashing pink and green striped tie yelling into his cell phone. "What do you mean the backup is sick? The show is tonight, and-" Ignoring his bantering she continued on her walk.

After going about her business, she washed her hands and as she realized the bathroom was completely tiled, she smirked and hummed a quiet line of a song. She then closed her eyes, and got lost in the echoing sound. Recalling the near emptiness of the building, her quiet humming turned into soft singing. Completing the chorus of Evita's "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" Kay realized she had been in the bathroom for an extended amount of time, and walked up to the counter to pick up the now completed cake. She paid the cashier and walked out of the door. Heading to her beat up Ford truck, she put the ice cream in the passenger seat and prayed it would start. The car was her late uncle's, it was her pride and joy, but she had a somewhat love-hate relationship with it.

With several turns of the key, she eventually got it to start, she pulled out of the parking lot, and made the short trek home. As she rounded her street she noticed an odd car behind her, a black, stretch limo was following her and had been since she left the dairy shack. Pulling into her driveway, she cringed when she saw her father's Audi TT Roadster in the driveway-meaning she'd get caught skipping school—she swiftly hopped out of the car, and turned to face the limousine that had pulled up outside her house.

A nervous-looking driver jumped out of the front seat immediately after parking and rushed to the other side of the car, to let the passenger get out, all the while dabbing his glistening forehead with an embroidered handkerchief. Dramatically the door was pushed open with the toe of a shiny black men's dress shoe, revealing the plump business man from the dairy shack, complete with the hideous pink and green tie, and cell phone still attached to his ear. "Warren, In know… I have everything under control… yes, I'll see you at the sound check. I've gotta go, I'll see you in twenty…. Yes, of course. Goodbye, Warren." He nodded and flipped his cell phone closed, gracefully placing it in his back pocket. He saw her staring at him, and walked closer to her with a smile plastered across his face. "Hello, miss…"

"Excuse me? Who are you, and why were you following me?" Kay questioned him harshly; she slowly backed away from him as he steadily drew closer to her. "You are trespassing on private property… You should leave." She deadpanned, while turning her back on him and walking to her porch to unlock the door.

He rushed as fast as his chubby legs would carry him to her front porch and held the screen door closed with his hand. "Miss, if you would just give me five minutes of your time, and your name, I will leave then."

She plastered the fakest of fallacious smiles upon her face and recited. "I am truly sorry sir, but my parents have instructed me from a young age to never talk to strangers." With that she forced the screen open with a harsh tug that caused him to loose his balance and quickly walked inside, locking the door as soon as she was out of his sight.

She walked into the entryway of the house, which became two corridors. Pausing at the wall that separated the halls, she turned to face the black and white key rack that was shaped as a cow, placing her keys upon it, she noticed a note from her father pinned beneath on the corkboard beneath the keys. It read:


I went to the park to walk Romeo and Juliet, I am going to drop them off at the dog wash and then leave for work again. I should be back around nine.

Love you,


Kay rolled her eyes at her dad's work habits, he left at about six every morning for work, and didn't get home until nine or ten that night. Then he would commence to have dinner and then sleep for approximately seven hours, then do it all again the next day. It constantly irked her that he was never around, she felt like she didn't know him. Although apparently he had come home for lunch and taken the dogs for a walk; he then must have taken his bike to work because there was no sign of him or the dogs, yet his car was still in the driveway.

Smiling because she had evaded being caught skipping school, she trudged up the stairs to her bedroom. Opening the door she was greeted with the warm sage colored walls, a sleeping gray-tabby sprawled haphazardly across her pale cream bedspread. A soft breeze hit her cheek lightly, sending a loose strand of honey brown hair across her face. Shivering as an aftereffect of the breeze, she realized the window was wide open. She walked over to her bed, and kneeled on it, to reach the window above her aged metal headboard, disturbing the tabby in the process.

"Hey, fuzz-butt, what's up?" She teased, poking the cat gently in the side, receiving a nudge and purr from the ignorant cat.

Reaching over the attention-addicted tabby she leaned over and unlocked the window. As she reached to pull it shut she noticed an abnormal figure sitting beneath her window. Without a second glance at him, she pulled the window further open and spun around so her back was facing him. "You do know stalking is illegal in all fifty states, don't you?" She mused, picking up the phone on her nightstand and holding it out to her side, where she knew it was within his range of vision. "You know, my father's a cop, and if I dial this number on my phone, I can have him and half the force sitting on the front porch before you can even say 'busted.'" She lied, her father was nothing of the sort—but he didn't need to know that.

"Wait! No, I just need to talk to you!" A slightly familiar younger male voice sounded through her window. "Please, put down the phone."

Apparently those acting classes had paid off…

She slowly turned and placed the phone down on her bedspread. "Excuse me, but who are-" She stopped as soon as she got a full view of his face, her jaw went slack and her eyes widened. "You're…. You're…. Jaron Sanford." She stated, amazed and star struck. "Why on earth are you sitting on my roof, looking into my window?"

"Hello, nice to meet you too…" He prompted for her name.

"Uhh… no, I'm not going to fall for that one until you tell me what exactly you are doing on my roof." She retorted cautiously, turning around to step off of her bed she opened the drawer to her nightstand, and pulled out a flat-head screw driver. Walking back over to the window, she carefully wedged the screen out and pulled it sideways into her room, where she set it next to the wall. Jaron just sat there and stared at her. "Come on, get in here, it'll be a pain getting off the roof. I know from experience that it's easier to get up than down."

He stood up warily and crawled across the roof a few feet until he could take hold of the window to step inside. He then used her bed as a stepping stool to jump down onto the floor. "So, let me guess, you have all this experience from sneaking out? Is it a common occurrence?"

She smirked at what he implied, then commented blandly, "no actually. It's not a common occurrence—it can't be. See over there?" She pointed to a small white box attached to the gutter of her roof. He nodded to affirm that he saw it. "It's a motion detector, our security company has them all over the place. We have the system turned on at night…. Which means that if I snuck out, they would think I was a burglar or something and all chaos would ensue. " She explained wryly, then she walked over to the light blue beanbag chair that was in the south corner of her room, and plopped down in it, watching as he go up to follow.

"So, can I get your name now?" He prompted once again.

"Well, no. You see, I still don't know why you were on my roof…" She drawled ironically, watching him get up and walk over to what looked to be a second closet in her room.

"What's this? Your closet is over there, I can tell, for it's open… but…well, I know teenage girls like clothes, but do you really need two?" He laughed at the idea.

"It's not a closet." Kay replied simply, watching his movements. He reached for the doorknob.

"Oh. Can I go in?" He asked as he opened the door, not giving her time to reply.

The door swung open to reveal a small room, just large enough to house a bookshelf filled with music and an upright piano. He turned around and smirked at her. "Why do you hide this?"

She shrugged nonchalantly. "I don't hide anything… I didn't stop you from entering now did I, Jaron?"

He laughed ironically, then commented, "yes, like how you are adamant about hiding your name from me. When you obviously know mine."

"Well, did I not already inform you of the conditions, under which, I would disclose the information that you seek." Kay joked lightly, but kept a serious air about her.

"All right, consider me properly chastised." He laughed, rolling his eyes at the mock formality of their conversation. "Fine, I'll tell you why I was on your roof… Apparently my manager—Christopher Martin—was trying to get your attention for some reason, and failed considerably in all aspects according to him. So, he sent me to seek you out, complaining how he was too old to deal with rowdy teenagers… So, I watched you head up the stairs through the window, went around to the back of the house, climbed up onto the roof, and by some chance of fate arrived at your window. And here I am, talking to you."

"Why didn't you just ring the doorbell? I'm the only one home, so I would have answered." Kay pointed out suspiciously.

He grinned, and sat on the piano bench. "Eh… that's because Martin convinced me it wouldn't work, saying that he must have frightened you or something. But, anyway, no more questions on your part until you give me your name." He demanded, pointing out that he had done his part of the deal, but she had yet to uphold hers.

"Kaydence Kaylin Lirit… I know, kind of weird, I just go by Kay."

He turned to her piano, and looked at the piece of music on the stand. It was hand written, "Well then, Kay, I suppose I should tell you to call me Jed." She looked at him oddly, although he never turned around to face her, for he was still looking at the music, he could feel her curious eyes on the back of his head, asking the question he figured she would voice, but didn't. "My friends and family call me Jed. It's my middle name, no one but people I have personally met knows it. It helps so I know the difference between fan mail and just normal friend email and such." He placed his fingers on the keys, and played the first cord of the piece, and then he proceed to play the first page.

He turned back to look at her curiously. "Did you write this?" He asked, pointing at the piece.

She nodded absently, off in her mind thinking, until she thought aloud, "why would your manager want to talk to me?" She mused. "I'm nobody important."

He looked at her dubiously. "Well, if you wrote that, your definitely not nobody… not everyone has the talent of composing songs. I surely don't." He pointed out, while standing up and walking out of the small room. "And I don't know why he wanted to speak with you, why don't you join me, and we'll find out."

Kay looked at him skeptically, then stood up and followed him out of the room. "Fine, lead the way." She gestured to the door.