Authors Note: Hello, my lovely readers…. I have been getting a few comments the fact that this story seems to be confusing some people….

Let me see if this makes things make more sense…. Chapter 2 actually happened before Chapter 1.

In chapter one, she's getting fed up with the way her career is going, and her identity is nearly revealed through the magazine that she was featured in, so she goes and tells her teacher because she needs to take a load off of her shoulders. Some people were commenting about how it's odd she'd tell her teacher, but I do have a reason for this, and she has known this teacher for a while outside of the classroom before she was even her history teacher, which is why she goes to her. That connection will be explained later in the story.

Now, chapter two, people were confused because Jed is alive in chapter two, and in chapter one Kay says he's past away. This is because chapter 2 is Kaydence telling her teacher the story of how her career came to be, and how everything with her identity got out of hand. Her meeting Jed, or Jarron, whichever you prefer, is the starting point in how the whole mass of chaos begins, so therefore it is where Kaydence is beginning as she is recalling and telling her story.

I hope that cleared things up…. I think some of you caught that, and other's didn't which is good to know. I should try and make it more clear in the story…. Which I will do. I updated the story titles, which show the month and year of the time each chapter took place to hopefully clarify the situation to new readers.

Now, on for more of the story:

~Writer who also loves to sing~

Chapter Three: Disbelief

As they made their way to the limo, Kaydence pushed Jed for answers to all of her questions. Her curiousity had been pushed to the limit as to what he was doing in Suburban Oregon and how he ended up on her rooftop. "So, Mister Hot-Shot-Famous-Singer, what has given me the honor of discovering you and your rather busy manager in front of my rather average and boring, yet humble abode?"

He laughed lightly at her sarcasm, then answered carefully. "I'm not incredibly sure…. Although I never regret meeting an available, pretty, teenage girl." He paused momentarily, "you are available right?" His eyes grew wide and hopeful while he gazed down at her.

She rolled her eyes at his pathetic act. "Be glad you didn't try a career in acting. I can guarantee you wouldn't have gotten very far. "

He laughed and slung a friendly arm around her shoulders. "Ha! I'd like to see you do better!" He exclaimed jokingly ruffling her hair with his other hand.

Without a second thought, her body tensed at his touch, and she grabbed his hand off her shoulder while spinning him around and then twisted his arm so it was held up against his back. His shocked face appeared over his shoulder to look into her now cold eyes. She glared at him harshly while she spoke in a calm but deathly serious voice. "Don't touch me. Both my father and boyfriend are trained extensively in the martial arts, and they taught me well how to defend my self from perverted creeps like you. " She loosened up and stood back calmly; she had decided she'd scared him enough for one day. She grinned at him and asked: "How was that?"

He laughed at her now nonchalant attitude, and fell into step beside her as she walked out the front door. "Not bad…. Not bad at all…. " He fell silent but decided to continue thinking about all she had said. The second he stepped outside he noticed the limousine which wasn't exactly inconspicuous in this Suburban neighborhood in the middle of Portland, Oregon. Which was a fact that several of the neighbors had noticed and were camped out on their porches suspiciously eyeing the sleek car that was parked before the Lirit residence. Their startled, yet curious faces calmed as they saw Kaydence exit the house with Jed, a teenage boy around her age, and watched as they both stepped into the car.

Kay examined the inside of the limo, fingering the smooth leather seats, glancing at the small television hanging from a stand in the corner. She then turned to the plump businessman with the ugly tie who she had seen earlier. He turned to Jed and smiled. "Thank you, Jaron, you do good work I see. What did you do to get her here? She seems quite stubborn." He stated.

Jed opened his mouth to reply but Kay cut him off before he could voice a word. "Excuse me, but who do you think you are? You are talking as if I am no more than a fly on the wall to comment upon. I am sitting right in front of you, the least you can do is address me personally." From the corner of her left eye she could see Jed smirk slightly at her outburst. "And I am not stubborn."

"Well, whether you are stubborn or not, I have a proposition for you," he interrupted. "If you don't know already, my name is Christopher Martin, and I am Jaron's manager with representation of Last Minute Records." He stated, sounding rather high and mighty about his position in the music industry. Kaydence smiled slightly and nodded for him to continue. "If you did not know, Jed has a concert in downtown Portland this evening at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall. I take it you are familiar with his song "Sent From the Heavens," are you not?"

Kay nodded while answering, "yeah, I bought his CD weeks ago when I picked up a copy of Josh Groban's new CD "Closer." I only heard about him then… I saw his CD next to "Closer" because if you think about it, Grant and Groban… they are naturally going to be right next to each other on the rack, especially in such an odd genre such as classical crossover… you know? So I saw his CD didn't recognize him, but I was intrigued and bought it… I really like it though," She turned to Jed, "and since then I guess I have just been bumping into him everywhere." She stated with a hint of irony, then turned back to Martin. "So, in other, shorter words… yes, I am familiar with the duet."

Martin nodded at her statement, apparently thinking and weighing his options, he gave a final nod and looked up at her. "I heard you sing," he declared bluntly.

Kay remained silent, for she wasn't sure how to acknowledge his statement. She listened, waited and thought. He accepted her silence, and continued on. "You have a very pure, angelic voice… yet it has the power, verbrato, grace, and control of someone who was classically trained." She once again remained silent, but deferred her gaze from his, she wasn't used to being praised by someone from the music industry. "Answer me one thing, are you a soprano or mezzo-soprano?"

She lifted her gaze to him once more, yet focused on his absurd tie. "I can sing both parts… My range even ventures into alto, but I cannot hit all of the low notes beyond a low G flat…even then my voice isn't at its best. I like to sing soprano the most, and I am not much of a belter. May I ask you a question?" She asked timidly, a bit overwhelmed by the fact that twenty minutes ago if someone had told her that she'd be sitting in a limo with one of the new uprising stars of the music industry and his manager discussing her voice, she'd laugh until the cows came home.

"I believe you already did, but yes, of course. As long as you answer one of mine."

She nodded, then asked, "how?"

"How what?"

Kay shook her head, "maybe I should have asked when, when did you hear me sing? And how, I never recorded a demo, sent it in, or anything. I don't have any connections to the music world…"

He smirked and replied, "this afternoon at the Dairy Shack, I was waiting for the restroom, and heard your voice through the heating ducts. I then linked the voice to the girl. I only heard a few lines."

It was only at this point in time when Kaydence noticed the limousine had been moving. "Where are we going?"

"To the concert hall."

"The Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall? Why?" Kay asked pertly, her forehead wrinkling in confusion.

Jed smirked at her, "I have a sound check for the gig in about 20 minutes."

Kaydence shifted in her seat, uncomfortable with the pressing eyes of Jed's manager prodding her. "So early? I thought that the shows only began around seven? It's only two-forty."

"Yeah… after sound check, there's hair and make-up… you know, the whole nine yards." Jed remarked knowingly.

Nodding, Kay settled back in her seat, then her thoughts turned to Jed's concert, a few minutes later she decided to voice her comments. "So, do I have free tickets and a backstage pass to see the world famous Jarron Grant's concert or something? A once in a lifetime opportunity, you know…"

Martin stared at her blankly for a moment, slightly shocked, although he then quickly recovered and plastered a devious smirk across his over-tanned face. "…Or something," he replied with an enigmatic charm.

"…And may I ask what that 'or something' is?"

Ignoring her question, Martin stepped out of the car, and slammed the door behind him. "What's up his—" Kay started, but was stopped before she could complete her sentence as a hand was clapped over her mouth. She pulled Jed's hand off of her mouth, and glared at him. "What did you do that for?"

He shook his head and motioned to the open door, cameras, microphones and reporters were greeting them with a barge of flashes and excited screams. Jed stepped out of the car, and waved to the cameras. He then turned to offer Kay his arm, which she took, assuming he was playing a role for the press.

Temporarily blinded with flashes and purple dots playing across her eyelids, Kay gripped Jed's arm more tightly, hoping that he would have more luck seeing and maneuvering around the mob of reporters. She began to try and listen to what they were saying. "So, Jaron, who's the girl?"

"Now that Melizia Andrews has eloped, who is joining you in the program tonight?"

"Are the rumors true about you dating Kari Rodgers?"

"Hey, you, girl, what's your name? Are you Jaron's latest fling?" A random reporter, with a logo Kay couldn't identify on her shirt, in the chaos shouted out. Kaydence stopped walking for a split second at being addressed, yet, she calmly continued on, letting the security guards put their arms around the two and lead them into the building.

Once inside Kay stepped back in the hall, and sat down on an offered chair. She closed her eyes and blinked rapidly, both trying to dispel the purple dots clouding her vision and get used to the dimmer light of the hall. When she ceased blinking, she looked around the hallway they had come through. Despite having been to the theatre before to see the ballet and a few concerts she didn't recognize the area, therefore she figured they were somewhere backstage. She gathered her thoughts and voiced them clearly this time, expecting clear cut answers. "Jed, I know you are here for a concert, but why am I here? Have I won some sort of anonymous contest that I never signed up for in the first place?"

Jed looked at her with an amused smirk dancing upon his face. "No… you didn't win a contest to spend an evening with yours truly. Do you know who Melizia Andrew's is?" He asked.

Kaydence raised her eyebrows at him incredulously. "Err… yeah. Who doesn't? She's probably the most famous singer and actress that emerged early this year, only to land a spot on a hit TV show and a record deal in the same month."

"Okay, that answers my question… well, you know our duet? Sent From the Heavens?"

"Yeah, it wasn't supposed to be released yet, was it? Then some members of the press got a hold of it and released it early, so it's not recorded on an album yet, right?" Kaydence recalled, then her face changed to a look of suspicious confusion. "But, you were singing it on tour with her, am I not right? And didn't one of the reporters outside say that she'd eloped? Which means she wouldn't be available for the concert tonight… and then if I recall correctly Martin said something about a back-up in the dairy shack…" She drifted off, piecing the puzzle together part by part of her life. Then her eyes grew wide. "Oh, no… no, no, no, no, no. There is no way, I am going to do that… no way."

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