In these hauted halls
You can hear the mournful calls
Of the unrest
The apprehensive moan of the tempest
Shadows play games upon the boards
Lightning flashes and voices hung on invisible cords
Rain pounds on the windowsill
Like it has it's own will
Thunder pierces the silent
Bringing chaos to the peaceful where it need be sent
Covering Sol and leaving people in blindness
With Sol's absence
Swift as the wind a menace
Comes out of the shadows which it dwells
To gather sould in which it sells
Bring them down below
Into dark abysses where torture is slow
The mind is distorted
Where punishment is organized and sorted
The pictures upon the walls slant
Their lips move in satanic chant
Alive! Alive are those portraits of the accursed
Eardrums receive words; cursed
The eerie pulsation
Renders your body in seizure like motion
Till the rays of Sol break free from their chains
Like the sands of time in grains
So many have slipped by
The creature must fly
But not upon black and sinister wings
For the fallen angels sings
A song of sorrow and woe
My nemesis, My foe
Leaves me in unseen bondage
So close was the claw's edge
The creature's eyes
Told me no lies
They told me it's intent
But the tempest broke
And the portraits haven't spoke
Gone was the tempest
Next time it'll exterminate me; the pest