One thing that I have learned about stress is fight or flight. In fight or flight you either deal with your stress or run away from your stress. For example I had reading to do for homework so I chose to fight. A way to handle stress is to have self-esteem. Self-esteem is a good feeling you have when you have been successful or when you have done something that you are proud of. I had high self-esteem when I played my violin for talent day at Finn Hill Jr. High. The audience clapped for me (which was the polite thing to do) and my family took pictures of me (they always do).

On the second filmstrip that we saw it was called "How Stress Works on you". From that I learned thinking positively releases energy. I was doing a report one time and I was having a lot of stress. I then thought positively and I got very far on my report. Another thing I learned was to have a sense of humor. Like when your friend has stress have a sense of humor and try to make them laugh and when you have stress they might make you laugh and you'll feel better.

The third film that we saw was called, "Physical aspects of Stress Management Aerobic Exercise". Since it was a long title we had to write a lot of things from it. ( Two things that I circled were about jogging and jumping rope. A lot of people like to jog around the neighborhood. My mom and me used to jog around the block. It was good. You have to at least exercise for twelve minutes. My friends and me like to jump rope at school. One time I jumped rope for more then 60 jumps.

The fourth filmstrip was called: "Mental Aspects of Stress". One thing I learned from it was to talk over a problem with someone else. Like when you have a fight with someone you can talk to a friend about your fight. The way that I can deal with a problem is write in a journal.

In conclusion the filmstrips had a lot of good information that you or anybody else could use when you have stress. You can look on your notes if you did this. If you have stress then you know what do to.