~*~*~*~*Two cars, four beers, big trouble

"Damn, when the fuck is he gonna be here dog?!" Alex spat out as he walked around the car.

"Dude chill out he'll be here." Sam said before spitting. Randy, still sitting on the hood sighed. She knew what they were about to embark, and she was the only one who understood the consequences. It's been five months now hanging out with her new 'friends.' Alex, Sam, Michael, and Slim, from the first day she saw them she knew to stay away but for some reason couldn't help but to talk to them. It was Alex that tempted her. His voice, style, and looks, he was probably the hottest guy in school. What Randy didn't know until she started hanging with them is that he was also in a gang. The bloods are what they called themselves. Sam and Alex are the main members in the gang I guess you could call them the 'leaders.'

They accepted Randy only because they knew her older brother Kevin, the toughest fighter in Nathan. Probably thought she took after her brother in 'all' ways. The truth was she only saw her brother once or twice in her whole life. She can barely remember what he looked like. Through the darkness Randy saw a light peek out from over the bridge.

"Is that Michael?" Randy asked as she pushed herself off the car. Alex squinted against the darkness before nodding. "It's about time that mother fuck showed up." The dull red truck pulled about on the other side of the alley. Both Sam and Alex walked across to the truck.

"What the fuck took you so long?!" Sam snapped as he opened the driver's door. Michael dropped out of the truck landing face first into the concrete. He pushed himself up laughing or more like grumbling a kind of giggle. Alex stared down at Michael who flopped around positioning himself here and there. Randy walked over to the truck as well staring down at Michael. Michael lifted his hand up still laughing or chuckling a little bit.

"Here man grab my leg *hiccup*" Randy bit back the laugh trying to escape from her mouth. Alex didn't even try to hold it back her let it all out. "Your one drunk mother fucker." He laughed slapping his knee leaning over and coughing at the ground still laughing. Randy, after seeing Alex laugh, also leaned over and laughed (hard) both of them turned red and purple in the face as they laughed. Sam frowned, he grabbed Michael's arm and yanked him of the street. "Get the fuck up man! Why the fuck were ya drink' in wit out us?!" Michael smiled "Hey sexy" with that Michael leaned over to Sam trying to get close enough to plant a kiss on his lips. Alex and Randy stopped laughing as they watched. Michael sure didn't get to far, Sam threw his fist into Michael's stomach before he made it anywhere near Sam's lips.

Michael stumbled back, once he fell he turned over and vomited right there next to the trucks tires. Randy chuckled a little before shaking herself back to reality.

"Now what, If Michaels drunk then how are we suppose to get in without the alarms going off?" Sam frowned

"I'll make this punk ass bitch unlock the damn door! I didn't come out here for nothing." Sam and Alex pulled the now dazed Michael to his feet. Seeing that he no longer could stand they both decided to drag him around the building. Randy walked behind the three the whole time staring down at Michael. Michael's face every now and then dragged onto the concrete. Randy shook her head sadly feeling pity for him.

"Yo watch his fucking head" She demanded. Sam looked down at the now scraped up face chuckled then leaned down grabbing a lock full of hair to keep him from dragging. Finally they reached the side door. Alex leaned down at Michael who was mumbling things to himself.

"Yo . Come on dog wake the fuck up!" Michael continued his groaning and rumbling not even making an effort to answer him. Randy looked up at Sam noticing the range boiling inside him. Randy dropped to her knees patting Michael's pale cheek.

"Hey Mike wake up, Mike. Mike" still no answer. Sam lost it he jumped down on one foot swinging the other slamming his foot into Michael's ribs.

"Wake the fuck up!" Sam screamed as he kicked harder and harder with every blow. Randy couldn't bare it. "Stop Sam he's out aight!"

"You shut up dumb bitch!" Sam growled while pointing a finger. Randy's eyes swung open wide. "What the fuck did you just call me?!"

"You fuck'in heard me whore!" Randy marched forward at Sam with tight curled fist and a firm angry mask on. Before she got anywhere near Sam, Alex had hooked her waist and pulled her back. Randy struggled a bit. "Let go!" Alex flung her back and faced Sam. "Dude just look in his pocket and see if he has the fuck'in key." Sam stared at Randy for a second giving her the look of 'death' before kneeling down to the drunken boy. Alex turned back towards Randy shaking his head. 'What?' Randy mouthed. 'Don't' Alex mouthed back. Sam stood up "Yo" Alex turned his attention back to Sam. Sam held the key so we both saw. He smiled "This is dope." He whispered as he slid the key in the knob. After a quick turn the door swung open. Randy, Alex, and Sam entered leaving Michael to his slumber. Alex shook his head

"I don't get it; it's to easy where the fuck are the alarms?" Sam walked over to an electrical box before answering.

"Slim took care of the fucking alarms." Randy tilted her head curiously

"Then why the fuck did we need a fucking key. We could have busted the doors down." Sam shook his head as he studied the electric box. "Nah, bust' in the doors leaves evidence, Mike said there could be janitors and fuckers that stay in after hours to." 'Oh' Randy mouthed as she looked around the musty room. (Click) Sam flicked one of the switches and soon the whole room lit up in light. Alex looked around and smiled "Nice" he breathed. Sam nodded "Aight" he said rubbing his hands together. Randy looked around the room a chair, boxes, and a broken mirror.

"We're in a fucking closet." She said while looking around. Sam opened another door just a crack. "I think Michael was just shit'in us when he said there were people in here." Alex and Sam walked into a larger room followed by Randy. Randy's mouth dropped and her eyes widened.

"A car garage?" She asked looking at the display of cars. Rows and rows of nice shiny new cars lined up. Sam smiled "Sweet" he yelled as he rushed over to a huge red truck. Alex laughed.

"Dude that's a Ford." Sam rubbed the side of the truck. "Hey baby wanna come home wit daddy?" Randy giggled as she walked up to the side of the truck. She stared at her reflection. Dark brown hair nearly black, bright green eyes, creamy white skin, and wearing the blood's uniform. Dark heavy black jeans, with a red bandana wrapped around the right knee. A black tube top showing off her sexy muscular stomach, and also wearing a red bandana on her head. Sometimes when she looks at herself she feels. Not herself like. this isn't the life she's supposed to have. Drinking, smoking, and partying. It feels all wrong. The blood red lipstick, thick green eye shadow, pale white skin. If she described herself would anyone be able to guess what her name is?

"Yo Randy check it out." Sam said as he walked to the back of the red ford. He grabbed the sides of the truck before pushing his waist in and out. Randy laughed shaking her head. 'What a loser.' She thought as she giggled. She looked at her reflection in the truck once more before she turned and walked over to a silver sports. 'Very hot' she had to admit as she traced her hands around the black tainted windows.

"Aight I founded my bitch!" Alex called as he pushed a yellow comfortable into the clearing. Randy smiled looking at the yellow vehicle. Sam whistled. "Sweet!" He yelled as he ran over to the car. Alex smiled "I'm gonna get me some spinners and sun glasses for this sexy." Randy smiled and nodded "Nice" she said staring inside at the black leather seats. The yellow car wasn't bad looking at all. Yellow wasn't really Randy's style but it was a nice car. The longer she stared the more she wanted it.

"What do ya think the year is on it?" She asked

"Hey what do you think your doing?!" Someone called. Sam, Alex, and Randy looked up to see a security guard on a medal bridge like thing.

"Shit" Sam breathed.

"Let's go let's go." Sam and Alex yelled. Sam rushed over to the tuck not to surprise that it was locked. Sam punched into the window. The glass shattered everywhere inside and out of the truck.

"No man!" Alex yelled

"Ya'll get your asses out of here I aint leaving without my babe!" Sam pushed his arm through the window and unlocked the door. Alex and Randy watched as he climbed in.

"Oh hell no!" Alex yelled as he rushed over to the truck. Randy's eyes widened

"Wait where ya'll go'in?!" Sam and Alex seated themselves and hurried to hotwire the car. Randy was just about to make a mad dash into the back of the truck but stopped when she remembered Michael.

"Trespassers over there!" The guards yelled as one by one they came out from every direction. Randy ran back to the closet and out the side door. She started to shake and panic as she plopped to Michael's side.

"Michael. hey Michael!" Michael wouldn't even open his eyes. Randy panicked and almost started crying as she pulled on Michael's arm. For a seventeen year old he sure did weigh a hell'a lot. Randy walked backwards towards the car her Alex, and Sam drove in. The sounds of police cars went off making intension grow higher. Randy looked over her shoulder seeing the car still parked where it was left. Randy swallowed nervously as she dragged Michael to the side of the car. She dropped him not even thinking about how he would land. As fast as her body would allow her she opened the car and plopped in.

"Keys, Keys WHERE ARE THE KEYS!?" Randy's eyes watered as she looked around. "SHIT!" She screamed slamming her hands down on the wheel. Michael moaned from outside. Randy bit her lip not knowing what to do. One thing was for sure. she couldn't stay here no matter what. Leaning down Randy scooped Michael up and pulled him into the car with her. Hotwiring a car shouldn't be that hard right? After all she's seen Alex and Slim do it a number of times. But. how? Randy kicked under the wheel hoping the wires would spill out. Nothing happened. "Damn it how the fuck am I supposed to do this?!" Randy's breathing increased as she looked around. 'What do I do? What do I do?!'

" ..randy" Michael stuttered as his eyes fluttered open. "Michael you're coming around." Randy said while looking into the hazel brown eyes of her drunken friend. Randy gasped. "Your truck!" Quickly Randy jumped out of the car tripping a little bit. She grabbed Michael's wet shirt and gave him a yank. Michael once again fell to the ground. Randy dragged him over to the truck. 'Damn it's going to be hard to lift Michael up.' Keeping a firm hand on Michael's shirt Randy pulled him. Then stopped seeing a mess of vomit all over the driver's seat and wheel. Randy hesitated then heard police sirens come closer. Randy hurried and sat down on the slippery mess. Her stomach churned in disgust. The smell was even worse. "Damn you Michael." She cursed as she dumped Michael over the beer bottles to the passenger seat. Randy turned the key that was already in the lock. After the car started she used her leg to shut the door. Stepping on the gas Randy drove the truck out of the alley and onto the main street. Once on, Randy pulled her bandana off releasing her braids to fall free and loosely around her shoulders. Keeping one hand on the wheel she used her other to untie the bandana around her knee and take the bandana's off of Michael.

Just as she suspected police cars lined up behind her. Randy shook her head angrily. "Damn fucking pigs are following us." A tight knot wrapped inside Randy's gut nervously when she remembered that she doesn't have a license yet. She swallowed hard as she pulled to the side. Once the car stopped Randy frantically stuffed the beer bottles under the seat. That would do no good though. The whole truck smelled like booze. Randy sighed trying her best to put on a fake smile. The officer walked up to her window and knocked on it. Randy let out one deeper sigh as she rolled down the window. A second officer walked up besides the first shining a flashlight inside that seemed to have blinded her.

"It seems like you're in a hurry." The officer spoke as he examined the car with the flashlight. Randy looked at the second officer's face noticing his sharp expression when he saw the vomit. Randy swallowed the nervous lump growing in her throat.

"Yes actually I am in a hurry sir, my brother here has the flew so I'm taking him to the uh. doctors." Randy's knot grew thicker 'hospital stupid not doctor!' She cursed herself for sounding so stupid. The officer nodded.

"Well then you run along sorry to keep you waiting." Randy continued to smile as she watched the two officers disappear. She rolled the window up even though she wanted it down to get fresh air.

"What dumb asses!" She spat as she started the truck again. "They didn't ask for license, they couldn't smell the beer, and there's four fucking beer bottles on the fucking ground!" Randy shook her head "Dumb mother fuckers."

The license part was what really got to her. She's only fifteen years old going onto sixteen. Does she look any older than what she really is? Why didn't they search the fucking car? I'm sure they would have found some coke, beer, and guns in this shit load for a fucking truck. Randy inhaled and exhaled deeply trying to slow her heart rate.

"Damn fuckers left me. Damn it I'm gonna beat the shit out of them if they snitch on me." Randy tried to erase the image of them telling the police everything about her. Where she lived, what her name is, everything. Although if Sam was caught he definitely would tell so that he wasn't the only one who got the shit. Alex, Michael, and slim on the other hand probably wouldn't say anything like real 'bloods' should. Randy couldn't stop herself from shaking her head. So much shit was done tonight. I need someplace to sleep. She turned off the road down a gravel one way lane.

It was times like these she wished her mother loved her. Ever since Father cheated on mother and then beated her half death. Mother has always acted like this. Drinking, sniffing, and living off of welfare to lazy to get a job. She acted as though she hated her daughter in fact because of her wounded heart she probably wouldn't even know how to love again. Randy knew the best thing she could do was leave. Her and her mother always fought. Throwing beer bottles, punching, cursing, and crying they had it least four big fights. Those big fights were the ones where Randy wouldn't fight back. How could she hit her mom? It wasn't right she wanted her mother to feel better and thought the only way was to allow her mother to beat her so much allowing her mother to take out her anger by using her as a punching bag. Being thrown into a fan, stabbed twice, and burned. Randy fought back when her mother was drunk and chased after her with a gun. That was one of the most scariest things anyone could have ever imagined. After the time when her mother held her head under hot scorching water. that's when Randy left.

She now lived off of the bloods and in this little trailer off of East Avenue. As long as she gives the owner of the trailer what he wants then she can stay. Randy pulled up in front of slims house. She looked down at Michael who was now humming and kind of singing something to himself. Randy slid out. It was pinch black outside. Darkness all over the place. Also a light rain picked up. Randy jogged up to the pinkish house and knocked. She was relieved to see Slim open the door holding a beer bottle wearing a tight muscle T-shirt.

"What's up?" He said taking another sip. "Yo Slim I need someplace to stay for tonight." Slim burped inside his mouth then opened the door a little allowing Randy to enter.

"Thanks" She said walking inside. As she passed Slim she felt her ass being grabbed. She ignored it. If she made a big deal out of it he probably would kick her out and because it's to cold and rainy outside that's the last thing she wanted. Inside bottle after bottle covered the floor. Furniture looked old and damp. The smell of cigarette smoke polluted the air. Randy walked over to a near by couch and laid on it.

It was definitely not comfortable. As she rolled side to side she felt the springs underneath pinch at her. Slim opened his fridge grabbing another beer and opened it. He took a sip then walked over to Randy and handed it to her. She took it from him and jugged it. He watched her throat as she gulped the substance. Randy felt his stare on her and knew right away what was going to happen. She swallowed harder and harder faster and faster until half the liquid was gone.

"Careful now you don't wanna get sick." He said as he placed his fingers on her neck. She pulled the bottle away and looked into the man's eyes. Even though he wanted to be gentle his fingers felt cold and rough. Randy sighed and looked away trying to focus on something else. Slim leaned over and planted a kiss on her bare shoulder. Randy sat there not really wanting to run but really, really not wanting to stay. Slim leaned over to kiss her other shoulder and soon pushed his body against hers forcing her to lie down. Both bottles clicked together. Randy let her bottle drop to the floor. He did the same. Randy didn't respond the way she knew he wanted. If he wanted this he was going to have to do it all on his own. Randy every now and then leaned away from the heated kisses on her neck trying to hint to him that she didn't want this. She felt his hands rub her sides. She continued to lay there emotionless. He moved his kisses up and down her neck biting and licking at her. Every now and then leaned up to lick and tease her ear. Randy felt her stomach sink. 'To much has happened to me tonight. I don't want this.' Randy shot up practically knocking Slim away.

"Shit I forgot about Mike he's still in the truck!" She said trying to act concern. She jumped to her feet and rushed out the door feeling relieved that nothing happened.


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