Note: I'm really not good with summaries so I'm going to explain a little better before you read on ok? OK! Anyways it's about a punk girl in a gang. She does just about everything a gang does except that she really isn't that bad of a girl. She knows right from wrong. She knows drinking, smoking, and drugs are bad but does them anyways. She dresses and acts like a slut but doesn't sleep around. She's had bad things happen to her before but doesn't allow those things take effect in her every day life. Will anyone ever understand why she's like this? Will anyone ever discover her true self and her pure soul that's hidden beneath the shadows? ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Chapter called: The Rays

Randy broke out into a deep yawn. The morning sun streamed from the window warming her face. She sat up with a sneeze. 'Damn I don't have a cold do I?' Michael lay on the floor next to the couch. A torn up orange sheet was all he had through the cold night. Randy sighed remembering last nights events. 'I hope the guys are alright.' Randy looked down at Michael after hearing him stir. His eyes fluttered open.

"Morning" Randy said while swinging her legs over the side of the couch. Michael rubbed his head and eyes before sitting up. Randy watched his expression change from a bored type face to a confused face. Randy chuckled a little

"You don't remember anything do ya?" Michael looked up at her with bloodshot eyes. Randy shook her head. "You didn't just drink last night did ya? What else did you do?" Michael opened his mouth to speak but instead broke out into a yawn. He stood up on unsteady legs. Wobbled a bit then walked over to the couch and sat down.

"Are we at. slims place?" Randy looked around nodding before standing and walking to the fridge.

"What the fuck happened?" He said rubbing his head in agony. Randy pulled out a beer and held it in front of his face playfully. "What you don't remember?" She teased as she took a sip. Michael cocked his head to one side curiously while squinting against the morning light before finally remembering only very FEW events.

"O~H~OOO" he trailed "So did ya'll get in aight without me?" Randy to another sip from the beer as she searched through the cupboards for food.

"Don't worry about it man we got in aight." Michael rubbed his head again. His eyes studied Randy lazily before he allowed his body to flop back. Randy knew she should tell him what happen to the bloods that night but didn't say anything quit yet. She took another sip as she watched Michael softly snore. She shook her head 'just woke up and sleeping again.' Well Slim didn't have much. Some cereal, rice bags, and only two T.V dinner trays. It would be rude to eat all he had, even though once Michael wakes up he's probably going to eat it all anyways. Randy walked over and nudged Michael in the ribs. He flinched under her touch "bitch" he mumbled as he opened his eyes. That's when Randy remembered Sam beating the crap out of him the other night. She knelt down and lifted his shirt a little. A large black and blue welt crossed around his side in a zig zag like design. Randy sighed shaking her head softy. "Dude you ought to get this shit looked out." Michael ignored. "Why the fuck did ya kick me just now?" Randy frowned

"That wasn't a kick, I nudged you dumb ass. And I NUDGED you to wake you up and tell you that I'm going to see my dealer and I'm taking the truck. I'll have it back to you in about an hour or two." Randy waited for a respond but Michael never did answer. 'Fucker' she mumbled. Slim stood in the hallway wearing gray boxers and a tight red shirt. "You should take a shower before you leave." Randy turned around from the front door to look at slim. He held up a towel, "There's still hot water you know." Randy knew she stunk really bad. Sitting in vomit and smelling like beer, but could she really trust slim? Of course she can he's a blood and she's a blood. Randy walked over and yanked the towel out of his hand. As she walked down the hall she felt the weirdest feeling like. something bad was going to happen. Deciding that it was nothing Randy walked into the bathroom.

"Gross" she whispered while looking around. The toilet seat was open and inside of the toilet bowel was a rusty type color streaking all over. The floor was broken tile, the ceiling had streaks of rust, and the shower had a see through curtain. Randy stared at it. Inside was just as she expected. Rust streaks all inside and streaking up and down the walls. "Fuck'in pig" she stated as she closed the door behind her. No lock as she also wasn't surprise to find. Randy pulled the tube top over her head allowing it to drop to the floor. She easily slid her baggy black jeans off. Still wearing her red bra and matching thong. Randy walked over to the bathroom mirror that seemed to be the only decent thing in the bathroom. No cracks although there were a few fingerprint marks.

Staring at herself in the mirror randy tried to think back to the first time she had ever felt this unsafe like she feels now. Yes the first time was at her very own home. Mother got a new boyfriend and of course he moved in with them. Randy was eating at the table while doing her homework and her mother was sleeping in the bedroom. The 'new' guy sipped on a Pepsi while watching TV. Randy acted as though she was doing her homework but how could she concentrate if some weirdo kept staring at her? The man looked away from the TV shooting short glances at her. Randy swallowed while staring at one of her math problems for the longest time. With her mind she screamed at him telling him to leave her alone. Even though all he was doing was staring, she still felt funny.

Randy felt the table shake a little and looked up to see that 'he' had sat next to her. She gave him a small smile then looked back down at her math book. The man pulled her math book away from her and continued pulling until the book fell to the floor. Randy looked back up again meeting his eyes in the process. "Pick it up" he said calmly. Now days Randy would have told him to pick up himself. But back then being the quite shy girl she was, she ignored that feeling and did as told. She leaned down to locate the book. There it lay right next to his foot. Randy exhaled through her nose as she slid off her chair to the floor. She leaned over and grabbed the book planning to pull back fast. But before she could 'he' had already grabbed her hair and all in all head. He pulled her until her face slammed in between his inner thighs. She whimpered as he smothered her into his man hood.

(Knock, knock, knock)

Randy looked away from the mirror to the door. "What?"

"Will you hurry it up already?! I got a call from Alex he wants the bloods to meet at the 'place.'" Randy quickly jumped into the shower and turned the knobs until she felt the hot water claps down on her back. It felt nice to feel clean.

"Hurry the fuck up Michael." Randy ordered as she ran outside to Slims car. Michael rubbed his head as he stumbled out of the house. He wobbled his way to his truck. Soon both vehicles pulled out and away they went. Randy curled her hands into tight fist nervously. 'Alex is alright? And what about Sam. Are they just helping the police get the rest of the bloods?' What seemed like thousands of questions flooded Randy's mind as they neared the 'place.' Randy felt her heart beat pick up speed and her blood run to her fingertips. Slim pulled his car into a lot and got out followed by Randy. A large amount of people stood in a narrow alley. It wasn't even that much of an alley. They were in between to large old firehouses. The 'bloods' all of them and all standing and waiting. Michael stumbled out fist punch two of the members. Of course everyone knew who Randy was. after all she was the only female in there gang. Boo boy, one of the bloods, use to complain about Randy hanging around. He said she was nothing like Kevin and was probably right to.

Randy stood by herself as she watched Slim disappear into the crowd to talk with other people. It was large amount of blood members like these that made Randy nervous. Usually they yelled at her or would think of some stupid shit to do and of course there'd be a huge police chase. Randy was lucky that she has never been caught 'yet.' She never let those chances slip away in her mind as skills. She knew damn well that one of these days she might get caught and taken to the pit of hell 'jail.' Shorty walked up to Randy and smiled.

"What's up?" Randy smiled "Sup Shorty." Shorty sniffed as he dug his hands into the front pockets of his black hoody. Even though Shorty, is the shortest 'male' member that doesn't mean he's not strong. In fact his muscles and Alex's muscles are very similar. He looked around then back at Randy. "I heard 'bout the chase last night, I bet that shit was wild." Randy smiled feeling honored that someone recognized her being in one of these big events. "Yeah that was some shit." Boo-boy stepped up beside shorty and shook his head.

"Yeah well I heard that you took off, ya lil chicken shit." Randy's heart thumped. "What the fuck did ya'll just say?!" She said trying her best to look intimidating.

"You fuck'in heard me hoe I said 'chicken shit.'" Randy knew that throwing fist would only be bad on her sake. Talking him down might be little better. After all she was the queen of insulting.

"How the fuck would you know? You weren't even there, fuck I bet you were busy screwin ya momma." Well that come back wasn't to shabby but it wasn't well enough. Boo frowned and took a step forward.

"Bitch are you ready to get knocked out?" Boo took the time to shoot daggers into her Randy's green eyes. "If ya want to bring it then lets go bitch." Randy said opening her arms as a bring it sort of way. Boo laughed which was one of the most insulting things you could do to someone your trying to act tough to.

"Look at^chew, ya'll acting like a punkass bitch when ya notin but white trash." Randy felt anger furl inside her. She pulled back an arm before releasing. Her punch didn't effect him that much but she did nail him in the face. Boo stumbled back a little. If Randy didn't know any better she could have sworn that she saw fire in his eyes. Boo ran forward but was yanked back by Alex.

"Yo what the fuck is up man?!" Boo struggled in Alex's grasp so hard that it made Randy take a step back. "I'm gonna kill you, you fucking whore!" He yelled, Alex yanked him back harder and watched as boo flew into the wall.

"Dude calm down Sammy's here he wants to talk now." Boo stared hard at Randy then whipped around to the rest of the bloods. Alex turned towards Randy giving her the 'you idiot' look. "What the fuck was that?!" Randy bit back the urge to flip out. "That dumb mother fuck called me white trash!" Alex let his shoulders drop. Then gave her a 'that's it' look.

"So what? You are white." Randy threw her leg into a nearby trashcan and watched it spill out over the street. "I fuck'in hate that shit!" She screamed as she walked down the alley to where the bloods were headed.

"Yo Randy hold up." Alex rushed over to Randy's side. "What?" She spat as she broke out into a jog to keep up with the bloods. "Look you had it hard the other night why don't ya just take it easy today go home or something." Randy stopped to face him.

"What?" She snapped "What the fuck are you trying to say? Man I can't just go home I don't even have a fucking home!"

Alex took a step back at the sudden burst of outrage from her. "You looked stressed, kind of sick to."

"Oh gee thanks." Randy said while rolling her eyes trying to keep up with the speed walkers. "Yo" Alex said as he reached out and grabbed her arm.

"What!" She barked as she stared heavily into his eyes. Alex knitted his brows together angrily as he dabbed his lower lip with his tongue. "Look I have to younger sister aight and they both remind me of you. You are like a sister to me Randy I really don't want to see you like this anymore."

Randy stared at him a little bit with a confused expression. "What are you getting at?" There was a moment of silence before it hit hurt and hard to. Instead of begging and pleading and crying she decided to play dumb. She chuckled "Are you saying you don't want me anymore?"

Alex nodded. "Sorry Randy but its just."

"No just stop!" Randy shouted cutting him off mid sentence. "I'm a blood, like my brother I'll always be a blood! I was born one and raised as one and I'm gonna die as one! So without a proper reason I won't listen to you Alex!"

Alex frowned "If I wanted to I could kick your ass out on the street. With one word I could have you beaten, with another word I could have you killed!"

"Well then I think your gonna have to kill me because I'm not leaving the bloods!" Randy spat back hoping, wishing, and even praying. Alex's jaw muscles flexed and strained making it look like he wanted to cuss her down. He even raised his hands above his head holding himself back from striking at her.

"War!" He spilled as he dropped his arms angrily. "War?" Randy repeated looking in his eyes for answers.

"Yeah that's right war! This shit isn't about jacking cars, partying, or drinking anymore. We are really a gang Randy! This isn't a game anymore, there's another gang downtown called the 'rays' and they aint no friendly suckers either. They've got 42 people 42 randy! We're out numbered by twenty six! That's why your not hangin wit us anymore. There's gonna be street fighting now."

For a moment Randy simply stared not knowing what to do or say. "Well if ya out numbered then that's another reason for me to stay." Her voice crackled and choked as she forced herself to speak. Alex shook his head

"You just won't give up huh? Well. fine then I don't give a damn. You wanna fuck'in die then it aint my problem." Alex turned and marched down the sidewalk to the alley where everyone was talking. Randy swallowed 'Alex has always been there for me. He's like a brother to me.' Randy made up her mind she jogged over to the group and listened to Sam talk about the same things Alex had just said to her. But Sam's words died out as she thought a lot about what Alex had just said. That late afternoon Randy walked down the sidewalk not exactly sure where she was going. Wearing her baggy black jeans with the famous red bandana tied around her right knee. Perhaps the white tube top wasn't the best thing to wear right now with how cold it was outside. Fog drenched the sidewalk ankle deep. Randy's many braids still flopped around loosely even though her bandana held it back.

"Hey look it's a blood!" A prep shouted from one of the near by shops. Two other preps rushed out to the first and whispered as Randy walked down the street. A smile graced her lips she couldn't help but feel proud to be known as a blood, the toughest fighters in Nathan. "Hey sexy" a skater said while smirking. Randy turned her face away from him to hide the blush that crept over her face.

*One of those hot stuff whistles* Randy turned to see who had whistled and saw one hell of a hot skater leaned up against the coffee shop. She smiled she wanted so bad to go talk to him. But even though she acted, and dressed like a slut didn't make her one. well. for the most part anyway. Randy stopped in front of a bus stop and noticed an old looking sign. That read 'down town' on it. Randy sighed, she didn't know why but for some odd reason she felt like she wanted to kick ass out there to prove to Alex that she really is a 'blood.' Trying to work up the courage Randy finally aloud her feet to cross the street and head down to the old part of town. The sun seemed to have dipped down over the tall buildings as darkness drenched the sky.

Randy walked faster through the dark. Fear took over and seemed to have screamed at her calling her stupid. The other half of her said go kick ass Randy show 'em what ya made of! The moisture from the damp air made her face look sweaty. Her eyes stung and her deep breathing made thick trail of fog escape her mouth. She swallowed hard not knowing exactly where the rays where even located at. As she made haste her breathing increased and her fist curled until her knuckles showed white. The wind brushed over her head making her many braids sway. The farther Randy walked down the street the less people there were. In fact it's been three hours since the last time she saw someone walk down the sidewalk. No wonder the rays chose this place as there hide out.

Randy stopped in front of an old restaurant. Not far from her she saw old train tracks and old boxcars. All around her were either old sheds or abandoned houses. The roads really needed repairing and a lot of the really good shops had black paper covering the windows. Randy looked around trying to find a clue as to where the rays it least one ray could be. Right then through the corner of her eye she spotted something. A yellow outline glowing off through the fog, Randy took a few steps toward it curiously. She took a few more steps until it came into few. An old brick wall with thick fancy letters reading 'rays.' It took a long time staring at the letters before realizing. Randy's heart thumped suddenly feeling like she was really stupid and shouldn't be out here.

She turned around to leave but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a man dressed in a yellow loose jersey and wearing baggy black jeans. So baggy his yellow boxers showed. His belt flagged out and he also wore a black cap over his head. He was hot but at the same time scary. 'He's not a ray is he?' Randy asked herself. Her breath caught in her throat as she stared at the tall boy. She knew that she had to run knowing it most likely is a ray but her legs simply wouldn't budge. Randy stared into the boy's dark brown eyes studying his face features. He seemed normal a little to clean and preppy to be a punk but then again. far to tough to be a skater or prep boy, or even a poser for that matter. Randy looked down at his arms hanging loosely to his sides.

Large bulky muscles, tan skin, and tall figure. Really cute and really frightening at the same time. Randy tensed as she took a step forward. He smirked also taking a step forward. She stopped and then stared. His eyes challenged hers daring her to run. He smirked.

"So a. are you a blood?" Randy's eyes widened not knowing what to say. There was no doubt about it. This hottie was defiantly a ray. 'Should I say I'm just a poser?' 'Should I ask what a blood is?' 'No I can't do that; I would be turning down my team.' Randy took a minute to work up courage before speaking.

"Hn. Your probably a ray then huh?" He smiled and started walking towards her. At first Randy held her ground. But then panicked when she saw his eyes glued to hers. He was challenging and there was no way he was going to back down. Randy darted to the left but he blocked her path. She then darted to her right but he blocked her there to. Randy growled angrily as she rushed over to the brick wall planning to jump over it but couldn't. She was completely trapped. The ray grabbed both her arms before slamming her back into the wall. Randy let out a small yelp as he did this. He sandwiched her hard, his body against hers, against the brick wall that spelled RAY on it. Randy swung both her arms up but the ray easily caught them. Her struggles were effortless to him. He smirked watching as she panicked to get out.

"Awe what's the manner you afraid?" Randy tried to knee him, swing at him, it was all hopeless. Every time she struggled he only grinded his hips tighter against her. Randy whimpered. Breathing hard in frustration. The ray leaned over until he was close to her ear.

"Are your friends here to?" Randy swallowed not knowing how to answer that. If they were she probably wouldn't say anything. Even now it was hard to talk in this unusual position.

"Go to hell!" Randy screamed between sealed teeth. She felt his stomach bounce off hers as he chuckled. He breathed hot breaths into her ear making her flinch.

"Get the fuck off me!" Randy screamed hoping someone would here. The ray slammed his body so hard into her in an un pleasurable way that made Randy gasp for air.

"You know I like your attitude bitch but if you scream again I'll fucking slit your throat." Randy bit back the urge to whimper as he slid his hand over her thighs and around her chest. Her body couldn't move, her hands were held above her head by only one of his hands. Every now and then she made an effort to struggle but it was hopeless. After a while of him rubbing around on top of her crushed body he finally stopped.

"I'll like your body, wanna come home wit me and meet some of the boys?" Randy's eyes widened and her heart pounded. 'The rays?' she thought as she panicked. Once her let her drop from his hold she stood and screamed.

"HELP M-!" Randy's mouth was covered and her hands buckled to her back. The ray used his body to push hers along as they walked down the sidewalk. She wouldn't give up though. She wasn't about to get raped by a ton of boys and probably killed afterwards. Randy used all her strength. She screamed into his hands and used her head to fling it back and crush his nose. She tried to swing her legs about to nail him where it counts. Tears poured out as she swung her body around. The ray simply laughed as he opened one of the old doors to an old warehouse type place. Once inside Randy stopped moving she was to scared to move.

Ok I'm gonna stop it here! Right when it was getting to the good part! HAHAHA suckers! Your gonna have 2 suffer wondering what happens next *I laugh at you* LOL yeah so anyways I hope you enjoy