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Randy hugged her knees while sitting up on the waiting room chair. She knew that she was fighting her foster sister but really didn't mean to go too far. Nurses walked by making Randy tense. The nurse had said she would inform Randy when it was alright to see her but still another part of her didn't want to look into Kelly's eyes. Sanders still hasn't said anything to Randy yet she really didn't need to either Randy knew she was in for the worse. Being back in the gang Randy fought all the time showing off her nice skills and never before had she felt sorry or guilty for anyone. Randy swallowed hard trying to pass the lump in her throat. She continued to glance over at Sanders here and there but the woman remained still and motionless. 'What am I doing? I'm completely ripping this family apart.' Randy swallowed for the fifth time as she wiggled in her chair for a more comfortable position.

All those days fighting in the streets, sniffing up drugs, and chilling with friends. Suddenly all those sweet things in life were disappearing leaving an empty nobody who is treating others like a bad disease. Randy sadly dropped her head knowing what she had to do. She let out a long heavy sigh before standing. "Miss Sanders with all do respect I would like to see Kelly without your presence." Sanders shot a tight evil glare at Randy. Randy almost flinched under the hot stare. She knew that Sanders was screaming at her telling her no but before she had the chance to say anything Randy left down the hall. She wouldn't be surprised if Sanders followed but still it was worth the try to it least beat the woman there. A nurse walked up beside Randy "excuse me miss but can I help you?" Randy shook her head "no I'm just going to speak with Kelly Sanders" the nurse grabbed Randy's wrist gently. "Sorry miss but Kelly is in operation if you want to see her you'll have to wait in the waiting room until we send someone to get you." Randy squared her shoulders and curled her fist. "I'll wait here" Randy said as she leaned against the hallway wall.

The nurse stared for a while before nodding politely. "I understand how bad you must want to see your sister so I won't ask you to return to the waiting room but please try to stay out of the way of the workers." Randy nodded as she leaned and plundered her thoughts. A replay of the fight stamped against Randy's mind. She remembers how it all started. Kelly was the one who started it pulling Randy to the ground then punching her. Randy punched back three good hits before someone jerked her off of Kelly and socked her in the stomach. It was one of Kelly's friends. Randy punched and kicked at the person before slamming a fist into Kelly. Before Randy knew it all of her friends jumped Kelly kicking and screaming through the rushes of voices. All of Randy's new friends yelled together as they defended Randy. But then again Kelly's friends were kicking and pulling at Randy forcing her in every direction. People gathered to yell 'fight, fight' but Randy barely got a hit in from all the punching and kicking.

The fight lasted a good solid ten minutes of blood and fists. It really wasn't a fight between Kelly and Randy one on one it was more like a fight friends on friends. So many voices and fists, Randy remembered lying on her back while people spat in her face and kicked her sides then saw one of her friends yank people away from Randy and socked them clean. Kelly the whole time was still in the middle of Randy's huge crowd being stomped on. Teachers and staff members quickly yanked students off of Kelly. Randy saw blood that's all just blood over Kelly's face. Didn't see eyes, nose, mouth just blood. Randy remembered being pulled or dragged into the office then taken home by the police. Randy wasn't sure what the charges were going to be. She knew that she was probably ex-spelled from school on her first day to. Kelly most likely was ex-spelled as well if not suspended.

"Randy your sister will see you now." A nurse said politely. Randy looked around to see if Sanders was waiting around near by but was no where to be seen. With a nervous sigh Randy followed the nurse down the hall. The door was partially opened inviting both the nurse and Randy in. Randy felt her eyes widen as she looked over at Kelly. There she lay with wires in her arms and wires hooked into her nose. Randy's throat suddenly went raw at the sad picture in front of her. 'Did I do that?' She asked herself as she walked up to the bed. There was no more blood really only a white bandage around her neck that had some blood spots on it. Kelly's swollen eyes fluttered open at the sound of Randy's uneasy breaths. Randy could have sworn she saw Kelly frown. The nurse placed a hand on Randy's shoulders. "She can't talk Randy but she can hear just fine." Randy nodded as she sat down on a stool next to Kelly's bed.

Kelly made a whimpering noise as Randy sat so close. "Uh. hi" Randy choked while looking over the black and blue face. Randy's eyes suddenly welted in tears as she looked over the face of her foster sister, "look uh. I'm. really sorry" Randy felt her tears seep off her eyes but quickly wiped them. "I really am sorry, I didn't think. I swear that I didn't know they would." Randy stopped seeing that Kelly wasn't looking at her. She probably isn't listening or she just doesn't want to believe how sorry Randy really is. Randy swallowed trying her best not to sound too sheepish. "Kelly I. I've always fought. But for some reason I really do feel ashamed and." Randy shook her head angrily knowing that known of this was going to sound convincing there was only one other way and that was telling her the (truth.)

"It's been a long time since I've felt this way before. But don't think I haven't because I have. My mom. She got a boyfriend soon after my father left. He abused me a lot and I wasn't sure what to do really. He touched me and beated me all the time and my mother never seemed to have cared. So I ran away to live with one of my brothers friends. Alex." Randy stopped to wipe a tear away from her eyes. She wasn't exactly sure why she was telling Kelly all of this but. for some reason just kind of let everything out. ". Alex is in a gang called the 'bloods.' And I learned to love him; I wanted to be just like him. So I acted and did the things he did. I ended up a member in the gang. I did a lot of shit in my life. I helped steal cars, did drugs, helped deal, and fought all the time. I made friends with the." Randy stopped trying to think if she was really telling the truth. ". Wrong people." She said slowly. "There's another gang called the 'rays' I was raped by them. After that I ended up doing drugs with people I met and got caught. I was sent to a foster home to get help. But really all I'm doing is making my life worse." Randy bowed her head down ashamed and embarrassed "I'm a troubled child." That's when something happened. Randy expected Kelly to laugh at her or to use this story against her but instead she placed her hand on the back of Randy's neck and held it there. "Y. aint no. child." She stuttered wearily before closing her eyes. Randy laid her head down on the side of Kelly's bed and closed her eyes as well.


Sanders smiled as her heart pounded widely. She was planning to throw Randy out but after witnessing the scene before her, she suddenly changed her mind. 'Poor Randy. I can't believe she had to go through that.' Sanders sat down on a chair across the room and waited until her TWO daughters opened there eyes.


Kelly opened her eyes to find flowers? Yes flowers bunched up beside her bed in a flower pot. Kelly did the best smile she could as she lifted a hand to trace the rim of one of the flowers. "Randy bought' em she went to her physiatrist appointment. She told me to tell you she'd be back soon." Kelly sat up a little so she had a better view of her mother. "Momma" She said happily. Sanders smiled as she walked up beside her daughter. "How are you feelin pumpkin?" Kelly smiled revealing chipped teeth. But then pulled away from her mothers comforting warm hand so she could look into her mother's eyes. "Momma please d. 't get rid of we're friends now." Sanders smiled as she sat down on the stool beside the bed.

"I figured you aint want' in her to leave so soon after last night anyways." Kelly looked at her ma curiously. "You heard last night?" Sanders gave her a nod. Kelly looked down at her folded hands. "I feel sorry for her being beat in all." Sanders shook her head sadly "I believe that child only told you few of what she's done. I'm sure she's been through more." Kelly sadly moved her gaze from her hands back to her mother. "She's sinned ma, why not bathtize her?" Sanders smiled as she stood and walked over to her purse. "I was thinking about take' in her to church with us. You think she'll like that?" Kelly nodded the best she could with a crooked smile. "Very well then" Sanders said as she started out the door. "I'll be back soon Hun I have to talk to your teachers now." Kelly nodded as she watched her mother leave.


Randy got off the bus yawning after another long boring day with that guy. Downtown this place brought back memories of running through candy shops and talking back to police. Randy walked down the sidewalk heading towards her next bus. "Is that Randy? DUDE THAT'S RANDY!" Randy turned around to see. "Michael Alex?!" Randy's heart thumped as she saw the two run up to her. Alex was wearing black heavy jeans with a red tie around his right knee; he had a red shirt on, and wore a red bandana. "Randy!" He said in a surprised tone. Before Randy knew it she was wrapped in Alex's tight embrace. Randy smiled wanting to hug him back but couldn't because her arms were clamped down to her sides. Alex kissed Randy's crown over and over again as Randy sort of hung there. The second Randy was placed back on the down she felt herself being pulled into a pair of warm arms; Michael squeezed the air from Randy's lungs. Randy smiled " to see " she said between gritted teeth.

"Where the hell have you been?" Alex asked as he punched Randy's shoulder playfully. "Just chillin" was Randy's answer. Michael reached his hand in his pocket and pulled out a package full of whitish or greenish substance. "Wanna go down the alley wit us?" Randy stared at the package for awhile. 'I've been clean for weeks now.' Randy cleared her throat "I have a friend in the hospital I need to go see. Maybe next time" With that Randy turned around and headed down the side walk only to feel Alex's hand hook her arm. "Hold up Randy why the hell are ya leaving us hangin?" Randy bit her lower lip as she turned. "Aint nobody leaving anyone I was just. you know. visiting a friend." Alex pulled Randy closer while placing his hand on her back. "How about that (friend) waits for awhile Mike and I need ya Randy." Alex whined in a babyish voice. Randy couldn't help but smile. She really missed the days of hanging around Alex and Michael. Hell she'd even be happy to face Boo in another go about. "Aight" she said as she followed them down the sidewalk into an alley.

"That's my girl." Alex said while resting his hand on Randy's hip. Randy seated herself next to Alex watching as Michael dumped the stuff onto a paper tray. Alex handed Randy a straw like tube. Randy waited with a guilt knot building up inside. 'Do I really want to do this now?' She tried to debate her final decision. Michael set the tray down then moved onto his stomach. Alex and Randy both laid on there stomachs as well. Randy hesitated a moment while watching both Alex and Michael stick a bit of the tube in there nose and the other part down on the plate. Randy watched as they started to snort. Randy cringed inwardly not exactly sure if she should do this or not. Finally with her mind made up she leaned over and snorted the sticky substance. The first couple of shots made her eyes water and her throat sting, but she continued every now and then stopped to adjust her eyesight, her body never did adjust to drugs very well.

It wasn't long until laughing, vomiting, and even punching started to kick in. Michael jumped up and down like a hipper active child. "Hit me again hit me again!" Alex swung his arm back then released forward nailing Michael on the side of his jaw. Randy laughed while bouncing a little bit. Michael only wiped blood off his lip and nose laughing "Hit me harder!" He demanded Alex swung harder this time knocking Michael back on his elbows. Randy laughed harder throwing her hands around like mad. Her fingers struck the ground; she scooped up pebbles then threw them at Alex. Alex blinked a little then laughed along throwing rocks back at Randy. Both of them threw rocks back and forth laughing harder and harder. Finally Randy stood and ran; Alex stood and ran after her. Randy pointed at him laughing hard as she continued down the alley.
But she never made it far. Alex hooked his arm around her waist before throwing her into a fence. She yelped a little then laughed, Alex pressed against her before collapsing his mouth over hers. Randy kind of scream'ish laughed'ished in his mouth, Alex slipped his tongue in Randy's mouth playing with hers like mad. He pulled away sliding his lips down Randy's neck giggling against her. Randy laughed along "What's in here?" Randy asked as she unzipped Alex's pants. Alex laughed making Randy laughed until both laughed together. Randy grabbed Alex's dick and squeezed it hard. Alex's mouth drew down into a small 'o' leaving a squeak behind. Randy laughed at Alex's reaction watching as he arched over. Than the unexpected happened Alex reached a hand up cupping Randy's breast and squeezing it hard. Randy yelped at the sudden touch. Alex squeezed harder making Randy whimper but she only squeezed him harder in return.

"Bitch" he breathed, Randy giggled in response. Eventually both released.


Randy burped then rolled over on her side snuggling against Michael's back. After getting high in the alley Randy, Michael, and Alex all decided to finish the day by drinking and sleeping in Michael's truck. Alex on one side of Randy Michael on the other leaving her stranded in the middle, 'I feel so stupid. I was doing so well and then I had to mess it all up. I bet its way late, I wonder if Sanders and Kelly are thinking about me. Damn it why did I have to do this.' Randy's eyes watered but then shook her head free from thought. "Randy" Alex whispered. "Hmmm?" Randy responded not wanting to talk but making a hmm it least hinted him that she was awake. Alex scooted forward his stomach against Randy's back he rubbed his groan tight against Randy making her squish in closer to Michael. Michael felt the touch and started to wake.

Randy felt a blush take over her face. She wasn't sure what Alex was doing but it made her stomach turn. "Alex. stop your going to wake Michael." Michael moaned "I'm awake," he said in a sleepy tone. Randy swallowed "See you woke him up." Michael switched sides so he was facing Randy. Randy saw he was staring at her so she rolled over but then was facing Alex. Randy tensed before closing her eyes trying to hide away from this uncomfortable position. Her eyes flew open at the feel of hands rubbing around on her ass. Randy swallowed knowing it was Michael she flexed away from his touch that did nothing but make her thighs press on Alex's. Alex smiled "you still high baby?" Randy didn't say anything. 'Alex never called me baby like that before.' Alex gently brushed over Randy's breast drawing his hands up her arms. Randy felt it but shrugged it off after all Alex would never do that would he?

Michael moved his hands from Randy's ass around to her front. He stopped resting his hand there for awhile before traveling up and under her shirt. Randy tensed feeling his cold hands explore her body. Alex felt Randy tensed and smiled "its ok Randy we won't hurt you." Alex slid his hands down under her shirt as well claiming her front while Michael took back. Randy felt her eyes welt in tears she felt sick and stupid. 'I'm just sitting here. I can't tell them to stop I can't.' Randy bit her lower lip, a guilt knot tied in her stomach making her feel sick. Michael unhooked Randy's bra slowly taking the fabric away. Alex was the first to cup her bare breast with a pleasing smile. Michael slipped his hands around Randy's stomach while waiting patiently for Alex to get done. Randy shivered from a breeze that came out of no where. "Please stop" she choked but the boys ignored. Alex leaned over planting small butterfly kisses around Randy's neck traveling down kissing on top of her shirt until he reached where Michael's hands were. Michael moved his hands allowing Alex to continue his traveling up Randy's side. Alex pulled Randy's shirt over his head. Randy tensed feeling her legs shake uncontrollably. Michael noticed this and laughed making Randy feel. assaulted.

Alex continued to press his lips around Randy's body until his mouth found Randy's tit. His tongue licked it teasingly before his whole mouth took her in. Randy gripped Alex's hair in a death grip whimpering the whole time. Michael moved around until he was hovering above Randy. He grabbed her shirt and pulled it off watching and waiting as Alex worked on one of Randy's tits. Michael bent down taking the second one sucking and licking at it. Randy's breath shortened into a hollow deep breathing as the boys sucked on her. Randy's tears started to slowly make there way down her cheek. Michael left her tit kissing down her stomach and rested right above her pants kissing and licking at her. Alex did the same both of there hands working around her pants ready to unzip her. Randy didn't move. She was afraid to move even though she knew moving was the best thing to do. Alex and Michael tugged on her legs wanting her to open them. Her legs followed there tugs they opened as far as they were allowed to. Her pants still not unzipped but she still felt violated.

Michael cupped her hard. Making Randy jumped finally she shot up. "STOP!" she screamed Alex didn't leave his hands from her waist and Michael didn't let go. They both stared at her. "We'll be gentle." Alex said as he grabbed Randy's zipper Randy jumped again. "I said STOP!" Michael and Alex stopped again and looked at her. She panted heavily she still didn't have her shirt on and her cheek shimmered from sweating and tearing. Michael crawled up to her until his face was closed to her. He placed his hands around her neck resting it there. "Why Randy what's wrong?" Randy frowned at him "Get off of me I'm leaving." Randy pushed herself up but Michael shoved her back down. "Sorry" he said simply as he swung his leg around until she was in between them. Randy closed her eyes tight. "W. Why?" She choked as fresh tears seeped. Randy didn't notice that her protector Alex had unzipped her pants and slid them down her legs kissing down her in the process.

Michael leaned down licking at her ear. "Just try to relax and enjoy this"


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