A/N: Alright, I wrote this seeing it one way, but it can be taken in more
than one. I do realize parts of it , but it's just how it came

The things you say when I'm not around,
Are the words that mattered most to me.
Those are the words I listen closest to,
Making sure you do.

You do.
Love me.
Hate me.
Pity me.
Adore me.
Loathe me.

Paying attention to those things,
The things you say when I'm not near.
Those little words whispered in secret.
I hope they don't make me.

Make me.
Despise you.
Cherish you.
Abhor you.
Comfort you.
Worship you.

Those things I've heard you say,
Deny what you've said.
Thinking you thought differently,
Always making us.

Making us.

To think I thought you were different.