The rain showers down,
On us from the storm clouds,
The raindrops hit our rooves,
Sounding quite loud,
I walk right outside,
The wind in my face,
Rainy and cloudy,
The wide, open space.
I hear the drip-drop
Of the rhythmic raindrops,
It seems never ending,
No, the rain never stops,
It's like the sky and the earth,
Never ending is it,
With the sun the sky,
Must, definitely, be lit,
I see little kids,
With their boots and their hats,
I hear them splash,
And, too, how they laugh,
The murky, gray sky,
It seemed so alone,
Away is sun,
Away is how it shone,
So brightly before,
But now it is lost,
To get it back,
Now, what will it Cost?