The snow white gown whispered softly against the floor as Mac made her way into the study. Her husband was surrounded by well wishers but his gaze quickly found her when she entered and continued to stare until she felt herself blush.

Just about the entire town had come out to celebrate their wedding that morning at the ranch. And in true Grizzly fashion, the party had started soon after. But as the afternoon had worn on, Trevor had started sending her looks to melt her bones and boil her blood, making her wish everyone would leave.

Harriet came into the room carrying a plateful of cakes and cookies to replenish the tray that was empty. Spotting Mac, she finished her chore and then made her way over to the bride. "You're mother is preparing to leave," Harriet whispered softly.

Mac nodded her understanding and turned to go pay her respects to the woman. She found her just getting into the buggy with the assistance of one of the men. Mac noticed the dark circles under eyes and how drawn her face was. She couldn't believe just how devastated Susan had been at the death of her husband. "Mother," Mac called to her, descending the steps.

"Patricia," Susan smiled as tears welled up in her eyes again. "You are a vision."

"Thank you for coming," Mac said and was surprised when she actually meant it. "Be safe on your trip back."

"Oh don't worry, child. We'll be traveling with the Marshalls."

Mac nodded her head and lowered her eyes before her mother could see the sadness in them. They were transporting Andy to a federal prison since he had been convicted. Apparently it was worse for him because he had been the bank president and had run some of the funds he had earned illegally through those books. The treasury department took a dim view of criminals running their banks.

The only person who had come out of the whole mess with anything was Renee. They hadn't been able to prove she had known anything about Andy's or Daniel's plan allowing her to purchase the new theater. It still goaded Mac that the peevish woman had flaunted that fact in her face. But Mac had enjoyed telling her about the wedding between her and Trevor and the string of curses that Renee had spewed.

A slight pressure on her back made her aware of Trevor coming up behind her. "Ma'am. Have a safe journey," he addressed Mac's mother.

"Please take good care of my daughter," Susan said. Susan had tried to apologize to both of them after the incident with Daniel.

Mac had been completely unreceptive to the overtures. She wasn't convinced her mother didn't know at least a little of what the man had been planning. You didn't live with a man and not know him better than that.

Her mother reached out and grabbed Mac's hand before nodding to the driver indicating she was ready. The buggy pulled away and Mac finally felt if was over.

Susan leaving started the flood gates of well wishers taking their leave of the happy couple. It was still an hour before the last person left and Trevor finally shut the door. Crossing the foyer, he found her, staring into the fire with a vacant look on her face.

Moving behind her, he rubbed her shoulders and gently placed a kiss on her neck just below her ear. "I love you," he whispered.

Mac turned around in his arms and laid her head on his chest. "I love you, too."

They stood holding one another, swaying to the sweet music of their hearts beating as one. Lips moved across exposed skin and the fire built in them, burning out of control as outside, the snow started falling.

I can't thank everyone enough for all the reviews. This story has been wonderful to write and I'm looking forward to trying and get it published. I'll be sending out my first query letters next week. I have also started working on my next book, Wyoming Magnolia. Here's a brief synopsis. Kelly

Samantha Cavanaugh had been sent to live with her Aunt in Charleston when she was six years old after the death of her mother. No one would ever convince her that her father had not had something to do with it. But now, he was dead and she was returning, thirteen years later, to her home in Wyoming. She would rebuild the ranch into the once lush acreage it used to be. It would also get her away from Hugh and the constant badgering she received to marry. There was no way she would ever marry. No man would give her the time of day when they learned the truth.

Geoff Carlton had moved in with his grandparents ten years ago after the death of his parents in a stage robbery. He had fallen in love with the rugged land and the life he had built working the ranch that he would someday own. Dating the daughter of the richest man in town did nothing to bring him down either. Until the daughter of that dead beat Cavanaugh showed up and he realized just what he had been missing in life.

Stay tuned…