What I Want in a Guy

Chapter 9

"It wasn't what I expected for a first kiss…if you could really call it a kiss," Sunny recalled contemplatively.

Ray-Ray listened with eager ears, lapping up Sunny's real-life version of some soap-box show.

"Oh c'mon, Sunny! Tell me his sugar was sweet!" Ray-Ray heaved a heart-felt sigh.

Sunny rolled her eyes, but her lips curved the tiniest bit. "It was sweet enough."

Ray-Ray crowed, causing the other people who where using the library for study hall to glance over at them in annoyance.

"So what happened when he tried to kiss you again?"

"You wouldn't believe it, but the sprinklers came on."

"Oh. Did you both get soaked?" Ray-Ray asked sympathetically.

"Oh no, the sprinklers weren't the problem, but they did sort of start it all. One of Mrs. Garcia's cats, I think it was Rigo, was skulking in our bushes at the time. As soon as the sprinklers started he let out an almighty screech and leapt for the nearest dry mass, which happened to be Zac. He clung to his leg for dear life. You should have seen poor Zac, he tried to shake him off, but the cat wouldn't budge. When he bent over to try and pry the cat off, Dad opened the screen door and sent him sprawling down the steps, the added bonus of being soaked by the sprinklers was thrown in for good measure," Sunny added sarcastically. "It didn't help that Dad came out with his shotgun, because he'd heard the commotion. He started shouting at Zac and waving the gun around a bit too much for Zac's liking I guess because he shot off like a bullet, no pun intended, and got in his car and drove off. My dad being the gentle soul that he is, started chasing him down the street in his robe and slippers, threatening to call the police. Dad's never met Zac before because he always came home later, so it took a lot of convincing from Mom and me to make him not take further action since Dad had gotten his number plates. He asked me, if Zac was just a friend why did he run away? I told him that most friends don't take kindly to having guns pointed at them. I'm not sure he was convinced," Sunny finished dryly.

Harley, who had joined them in time to hear the second half of Sunny's story, let out a chuckle. "Your dad is a riot, Sunny."

Sunny rolled her eyes at him as she was prone to do. "Yeah, I'm sure you thought he was a riot when he introduced you to his gun collection before you took me to junior prom."

Harley sniffed nonchalantly. "I'm familiar with a lot of firearms these days."

"If you're not careful, Harley, you might become a shotgun groom one day soon," Ray-Ray cautioned, eyes twinkling.

"Only for the right girl," Harley returned, raising a suggestive eyebrow at Raylee.

Ray-Ray turned her face away from his, a small smile curling her lips. Sunny just shook her head, grinning. They were so obvious.

"Harley, I didn't know you had study hall now," Sunny said curiously.

"I don't. I'm jigging. It's just Spanish, I'm already good at it, ma petite lechugas," he pronounced cockily.

Sunny cracked up, as did Raylee.

"You realize, you just called us, your little lettuces, right? Not only that, but you mixed up your languages," Sunny informed him.

Harley looked quite offended. "JJ told me it meant 'pretty girls'. You mean I've been going around the school calling all the girls 'little lettuces'? Aww, far out! I'm going to kill that brat."

Sunny held her laughter with difficulty, saying in all innocence, "Why, Harley! I'm offended you would call anyone else but us, your little lettuces. I mean, I thought we were special to you."

He ducked his head in mock-humbleness. "Well, you know there's plenty of me to go around, babes," he said slinging his arms over both their shoulders. "The only problem is your going to have to share."

Sunny ducked from under his arm, pushing out of her seat. "That's alright, I willingly give up my share to any takers," she said pointedly, directing her comment to Ray-Ray who was acting blissfully ignorant.

"Well I'm going to talk to Mr. Wilks about one of my essay results, catch you later," Sunny not-so-tactfully found a way to leave the two of them alone.


"Darn cat," Zac muttered, remembering the unfortunate incident on Sunny's porch. Zac was too embarrassed to approach Sunny during lunch and even when he had seen her between periods three and four, he had gone out of his way to avoid her. Now it was the end of the day and Zac was waiting beside Kirsten's car, hoping Sunny was catching a ride with her sister.

He didn't know what he was going to say to her but was hoping against hope that Sunny could forgive his cowardice, and overall clumsiness in the whole mess.

Kirsten approached him warily, not her normally ditzy self.

"What's up, Zac?"

Zac shifted restlessly. "Is Sunny getting a lift with you?"

"Nope," she replied, deliberately not elaborating.

What was up with her? Normally she would be all too accommodating to his needs, and what he needed right now was to find out where Sunny was.

"Would you know where I can find her?" he asked impatiently, no t caring about her sudden attitude change towards him.

"She's going home with Raylee," Kirsten crossed her arms over her chest with a sullen expression on her face, her narrowed eyes trained on him.

"Thanks." Zac turned intent on catching her.

Kirsten called out to him, her tone ominous. "You better not be playing her, Zac. Or else."

Zac turned back, and looked down at her. Sunny's petite brunette bombshell sister was glaring up at him. She took her threat deadly serious, and Zac supposed he should too.

He left her with a nod, not bothering to answer. She knew his reply.


Berkeley Campus, California. (Zane's college)

She sidled up to Billy, hanging off his arm like a python, entwining herself. Billy looked down her blouse lecherously. She didn't seem to notice, instead asking in the sweetest voice, "Do you know where Zane is?"

Billy nodded dumbly and replied, "Uhuh."

She trailed a finger down the front of his shirt, teasingly, looking at him through her mascara-ed lashes. "Can you tell me?" She batted her eye lashes at him.

"He's gone back home." He turned towards her, slipping his hands over her waist and down her hips. She evaded his grasp and left without another word, sashaying her hips tauntingly.

Billy groaned. "Why does he get all the hot ones?"


Zane was comfortably splayed across the grass on his back, catching up on some recreational reading. One arm was cushioning the back of his head, while the other held the book above his head, shielding the sun. Decked out in a wife-beater and board shorts, he made quite an impression on any passers-by, since he was lying in the middle of his front lawn.

The rumble of the school bus was drowned by the shrieks, screams and whistles of all the girls travelling on said vehicle as they caught sight of him.

Zane smiled to himself. High school had been fun, but he was glad it was over. Melodrama reigned high school and teens lives, everything, including the fact someone wore the same shade of lipgloss as you was a life-altering drama. Fortunately, Zane had never had a problem with lipgloss. Except how to get it off.

He thought back to the night before and the intriguing girl who had caught his attention. Sunny. The name was refreshingly…bright. A reflection of the person it belonged to.

Zane admitted to some frustration. After meditating on the subject he realised that pursuing Sunny might not be the best idea, after all she was still sixteen, and although he tried his best to ignore the fact, he'd noticed Zac's adoring glances directed Sunny's way last night. If Zac truly wished to pursue Sunny, Zane could hardly stand in the way. At least he would try not to.

Normally Zane would say 'Let the best man win!', but this was his brother, he couldn't let a girl come between them. Even if she was the most fascinating female he had come across in a long while, if ever.

He hoped he could stick with his resolution.


Zac jogged over to Harley who was leaning against the side of his car, one foot scuffing the gravel absentmindedly.

"Hey, man," Harley held out his fist. Zac greeted him traditionally with the 'hot-potato handshake'.

"Hey. Have you seen Sunny and Ray-Ray?"

"No, but they're catching a ride with me, since Raylee's bro couldn't pick them up on time. They are just taking forever because they had gym together last class. They're probably doing some kind of girly thing, you know, like brushing each others hair."

The topics of their conversation appeared as if summoned, fortunately missing Harley's last comment.

"Hi, Zac!" Ray-Ray exclaimed brightly. A little too brightly for Harley's liking.

"Hi," he returned.

There was an expectant pause, where they all went silent.

Sunny decided to end it.

"Hey, Zac," she started hesitantly.

Zac's face lit up with a megawatt smile, relieved she was talking to him.

"Sunny," he replied huskily. "Did you want a lift?"

Sunny glanced over at Raylee and Harley before nodding. "Sure. It's more convenient that way. Now you don't have to go out of your way to drop me home, Harley."

He was frowning. "I don't mind, Sunny," he started, then glanced over at Zac, something finally dawning on him, "but, I guess it is easier that way."

Raylee looked slightly confuddled. "Her house is only four blocks away from my…"

Harley butted in. "Yeah, but you're on my way home. Sunny isn't."

"Since when has that ever been a problem?"

"Since now. Come on Ray-Ray, let's get you home so you can take that medication."

"What? I don't take medication! Harley, why are you being a jerk?"

Harley growled grabbing Raylee forcefully and seating her in the car, even going as far as buckling her belt for her, all the while muttering, "Well, why are you being so thick?".

Sunny and Zac watched as Harley drove away, still arguing with Raylee.

They turned to look at each other with a smile, finding their antics amusing. With less awkwardness than Zac had anticipated, they made their way to his car amiably. Unfortunately his dad had reclaimed his corvette leaving Zac with his own SUV.

In the car, Zac hesitated before starting the engine, turning to face Sunny.

"I'm sorry about last ni…" he started, but she didn't let him finish.

"I thought you said you weren't sorry."

Zac cracked a guilty smile. "Well, I'm not sorry about that, but I am sorry about all the stuff that happened afterwards. I'm sorry I didn't get to give you a proper kiss."

Sunny felt a bold urge which made her say, "Well, there's no time like the present."

Zac looked at her flushed face, deciphering if the invitation was sincere, or if he even imagined it. Judging from her high colour, she had definitely said it.

Sunny bit her lip, embarrassed for being so forward, but still determined. Zac had been her first kiss, and that little taste had made her curious. She trusted him because he was a friend and knew he wouldn't take advantage of her. Well, he wouldn't take any more advantage than she would be willing to give. Besides, Harley and the boys would kill him if he hurt her.

Zac made up his mind quickly, deciding to take a chance.

He leaned across the space between them, his warm lips covering hers. His mouth moved against hers, lightly suckling her lips, taking subtle possession. His actions grew in fervour, both of his hands coming to cup her face, enabling him more access. His tongue gently probed her lips, testing the waters, seeing if his actions repelled Sunny in any way. Feeling her gentle quiver, he took courage, slipping his tongue between her lips.

Sunny felt a jolting sensation when Zac's tongue touched hers, which caused her to baulk. Zac immediately pulled away from her, his breath coming out in short pants, mimicking Sunny's own shallow breathing.

"I didn't mean to scare you," Zac whispered, with pleading eyes.

Sunny shook her head, denying it, but unable to get her vocal chords to work.

Zac's shoulders slumped a little. After a moment, with both of them saying nothing, Zac started the car, driving Sunny home.

When he pulled up outside Sunny's house, he didn't turn to face her on hearing the passenger door open, he just kept staring straight ahead. A lingering butterfly kiss upon his cheek stimulated his nerve endings, his day-dream disassembled upon the door slamming shut. His head whipped to look at Sunny who grinned cheekily at him before running up the porch steps into her house.

And right into his heart.


Zac pulled into his driveway and saw Zane lounging on the lawn. Zane looked up from his book and saw his brother's face.

"Careful, bro, your face is going to split in half with the way you're grinning," Zane teased. "What's got you so happy?"

Zac's wide grin still hadn't dimmed, his good mood making him forget his earlier wariness towards his brother on the subject of a certain someone. He just felt the need to tell someone. "I think I'm in love."

Zane sat up, shielding his eyes from the sun with a visored hand. "With who?"


With that one word, any hopes Zane had harboured crashed and burned. He didn't know why he felt quite…well, crushed by the fact. He summoned a congratulatory grin for Zac and got up to slug his shoulder.

"Does the lucky lady know?" he asked.

"Of course she…Aww nuts!" Zac exclaimed dejectedly, but soon brightened. "You're good at this kind of stuff, Zane! You can help me woo Sunny!"

Zane mentally slammed his head against a brick wall.

Nuts, indeed.

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