Why don't you just

fill in the blanks yourself.

I'm so sick of your sass

kicking my ass

every which way

down by the bay

what do I say?

Lines from a movie,

one whom I've qouted,

too many times.

This beautiful mask of pearls

riddled ancient chinese scribbles

all dabble my self consicous

until I begin to stutter

in a cascade of ramblings

muttering demented morse codes

creamily cementing them

into your face.

Not even the king himself

would be able to understand,

this topsy turvy behavior.

Suddenly a spooky fear,

grips all of the kingdom,

now the citizens are so afraid

of spilling the news

out from their tiny newspapers.

Funny how one little bomb

can explode our fragile minds

into a million pieces.

We're afraid another repeat

will appear on tv.

Is it too late

to change the channel

or are we stuck

on redial?

We keep calling god

but he puts us on hold

must be talking to his girlfriend.

Chattering away so much

hes completely forgotten

we exist in the first place.

But do gods really date?

Are they figments of our

over exaggerating minds?

I guess I'm too high

on my high energies

at the moment.

I'm so scared

of what the next sentence

will imply.

Oops I'll just screw it up

and fuck with my flow

go ahead and blam me,

no one will ever know.

I'm not here

as far as I'm concerned.

I'm just lost within a maze

that has a big exit sign

right in front of my blind eyes.

Oh sure,

I could leave,

but whats the point?

I kind of like

having my mind

getting fucked up

by these random flowing terms.

They make no sense

and perhaps never will,

nor will they ever

give me back

a shit load of cents.

But it doesn't matter

I'm fine with just typing away

my sorrows and horrors,

my laughters and charmers,

for no price at all.

Its all a point,

that is there,

right when I need it.

They're one big family

I collect like pokemon,

catching them

like some freaky zoo keeper.

We're all trying to capture something

that will give us entertainment

but how would you like it

if you were tossed into a cage

and poked and prodded

with a giant spoon

just to wake you up

half past noon

for a late lunch,

or would it be breakfast?

Bah which goes where

is all up to your vague stare

that zips down my writing

faster than guzzling down

a giant can of soda.

I'm not sure

if it will burn your insides

upon digestion

but it will sure as hell feel good


Oh who am I kidding,

I'm a walking,

talking, contradiction dressed in shades

all mirroring the dark places

we all hide within.

Its like I'm undressing you

with my eyes,

other than the other way


Oh no my friend,

you've been tricked,

I'm the one whose tricking you,

no flip sided bull shit mind you.

I'm full of double entendres,

and you'd never realize it.

This bizarre fellow

has just took away

your precious time,

how does it feel

to have me in your system?

Am I just one big virus

that you love to hate?

I'll spread my disease

everywhere I can.

Big clouds of dust

spurt all over you.

Not much else to tell,

other than that,

maybe its because

we're all made of fat

and not the spiritual matter

thats way deep inside

locked inside a cupboard.

Damnit I failed once again

to please myself

for another writing,

but was it good enough for you?

Do you contemplate me?

Or do you resent

every single little thing

this single guy has poured out?

Working his bones to sleep

even when hes not really moving.

Just who the hell am I?

And just who the hell are you?

Are we destined to become friends,

once you slap down,

your vacant review,

while I weep away

tired and frightened

that no one will ever

give me the much needed feedback

I need to grow from.

I want to grow

from this god awful garden.

But these damn weeds and vines

choke my every vein.

My supplies,

are completely depleted,

so please good helper

with your sun shining armour

or black velvet dress,

please take some of your personal time

to give these roots

some much needed water.

Help me grow,

into something beautiful.