The Night WatchMen

A full moon in the ebony sky
No normal moon, a harvest moon
Soft rain falls, the clouds cry
On this night, one will die

Xavier was flying, a demon had awoken
Racing to his home, a dreadful feeling, something was amidst
Finding his dearest Tasia, battered and broken
Fire flew from his eyes, piercing the men; words did not need to be spoken

Outnumbered, Xavier could care less, he would fight
Seek retribution and avenge his beloved
Surrounded and outmatched, he fought with all his might
Battling the three Goliath's, what a sight

Standing his ground, throwing punch after punch
Defending the weak, Good triumphs over evil
Life is no fairy tale, so unfair, just a hunch
Xavier fell to the ground, with a flash of pain, his nose went crunch

Trying to shield his body, from the blows
In a fetal position, no longer fighting
His face a mess, blood flowing from his nose
Siting atop a house, death dealer, The Crow

Goliath's would not stop, Xavier could not arise
Near death, he could not see, something was not right
That voice, Xavier was defeated, seeing his wife, no surprise
Cold steal upon his brow, this was Xavier's demise

Tasia never had the chance to kill her lover
Xavier's heart broke and failed from her betrayal
He watched now from above, as he hovered
His life was detected to no other

Crying and Smiling Tasia sighed
Finally rid of this beast
A husband that had betrayed and lied
Slapped her and beat her until she cried

Was Xavier's death in vain
What is right, Who is wrong
Finally Tasia would escape Xavier's pain
As The Crow fly's away into the rain

Forever unnoticed throughout my flight
Watching and observing the actions of man
Never a conclusion to my endless plight
Disappearing forever in the night