A History of Mekodo, cont.

As Selenus had promised, at the third hour after Sun's Rise, my pocket summoner began to vibrate. This time, however, instead of changing its color, Selenus left a message.

"At the first hour of Sun's Height, you are required to attend a meeting in the Council room. Please be prompt. Signed: Council Head Selenus."

I ate a scrumptious pastry while reading (more from habit than anything else) the Tōtus Urbs newspaper, catching up on the latest about the humans. So far, the only news was that they continued to hover in our atmosphere with no intention of leaving. My job today would, of course, be dealing directly with that problem. I could only hope that I'd be offered a spot on the diplomatic party—it would be a great honor.

"Bing-bong-bong-bing, bong-bing-bing-bong. Témpus iam est quīnque ánteā hōra éius quīntus éius súrgere lūx. Bing-bong-bong-bing, bong-bing-bing-bong."

That, was my clock. Like everyone else who owned one, I desperately wished that there were some way to keep it from bing-bonging every fifteen minutes or so (mine was off by about ten, to make matters worse). There were also times, and this was one of them, when I desperately wanted to smash it to pieces. Unfortunately, smashing it would break Anna's heart—she loved it so dearly.

I waited for another ten or twenty minutes before starting down the street to the Council House. As I walked down Via Albātus, many of the elves greeted me with the honorific "Pacificator"—and this astounded me, mostly because I had thought that the Councils were kept completely private and wouldn't be known to the public until we'd actually finished the discussions with the humans.

The Council itself was not very different from the previous two; the only difference being that instead of discussing how to deal with the humans, we were discussing how to present them with their options. This was incredibly important, due to the fact that if we unwittingly insulted them, they might decide to touch off a war.

It was mostly paltry details over which words need to be used where, like using "Do this or else we'll blow you to pieces" as opposed to "We have given you your options." Of course, the whole purpose of being politically correct and diplomatic about it was to convey the former in the words of the latter.

Later that night, at around an hour before Sun's Sinking, I was telling Anna about my day.

"You know, Anna, I don't even know why Selenus insists on my presence. I mean, I s'pose that he wants me to record what's happening, but he has a secretary that can do that better than I. I'm just a historian, and a young one at that! Why me?" I was beginning to think that I seriously needed to inebriate myself at the nearest tavern.

"Why don't you go and talk to him about it then? He must have a logical reason for keeping you at the Councils." As always, Anna managed to present the one option that hadn't occurred to me. I would have been content to just wonder about it.

"Alright, I'll go talk to him tomorrow, before we leave for the humans' ship. G'night."

"G'night, sponsa."


Tōtus Urbs: the name of the local newspaper.

"Témpus iam est quīnque ánteā quīntus hōra éius súrgere lūx": "The current time is five minutes before the Fifth hour of Sun's Rise."

Via Albātus: the name of a street: "White Road"

Pacificator: peacekeeper