Note: This is not a story. This was actually a characterization exercise in my creative writing class, which is why it's so short. Feedback greatly appreciated. And yes, these are real individuals. I enjoy writing descriptions for people I don't know. ^^

He was an unusual character from the first, from when he first leapt from the small red car, shaggy hair flying back and forth like an erratic brown pendulum, Shaun following behind him like a pallid, spectral shadow of his own vibrancy. It was amazing to see two people so unlike together – one satirized the other, yet they were the perfect compliment to each other as they started down the snow-covered lawn. Shaun's smooth, pale face, shaven this morning, had already grown back its customary stubble, the black follicles lending additional sharpness to all his cool, sardonic countenance; but this other's was a pale yellow against the snow, flush with pink exuberance, lips perpetually curved upward in a smile between the locks of his long hair. His brown eyes danced with a doggish happiness, that eager candor so associated with Canis familiaris that I would not be surprised to see a wagging tail somewhere in his features. But at least Shaun's cunning austerity was clothed for the winter, for most amazing of all, given his cheery demeanor, was Max's attire: his Hawaiian shirt was bright orange and short-sleeved, his legs bare to the knee as he scampered about the freezing field.