I want to meet you in the forest
Between lush greens and hues of brown,
Cloaked by the night's unyielding shadow
And the pale Moon's old, jesting frown.
Sit with me, hand in hand, and ponder
On the true nature of this dream,
And know that we're but Dust and Shadow
Encassed inside the gray Moon's gleam ...
Come closer, as our Time is ending -
Don't let it fade without one kiss -
Just hold me in your arms narcotic
And let's forget the world exists.

I wish your skin would rip wide open,
Allowing me to pass within you;
Absorb my body in one motion
Of torn-up flesh, and nerve, and sinew;
Protect me there, keep me hidden
Inside your chest's beloved fire;
Caress me, guide me in our journey
Towards silk passions of desire;
Of the desire born within us
From molten flesh and honest spirit!
Come, paint the sunset with our colours
And let our ashes cool within it!

I want my blood to mix with yours,
And then to drink that common Mass
Of carmine-red and clotting liquid,
And wipe its traces off the glass ...
Made out of heaps of flesh still burning,
Immortalised in pure silver ...
Still standing solid in the silence
Disturbed by one impassioned shiver ...
Please, let this image last forever;
Please, bear it locked in boxes hiddden;
Please, take it with you to God's Heaven
And to dark places yet forbidden.