Disclaimer: I do not own the series "The Imitator". This series was originated by The Reaper, and he urges anyone who wants to try this to participate in it. Even though only music imitators have been done, you can do whatever you like. Also, Gwen Stefani does not belong to me, she belongs to No Doubt and all of out hearts.

In every civilization, every time period, and every class of people there are legends and heroes. For every legend and hero there is an unsung hero and an untold story. But everyday these unsung heroes give themselves to us, to make us happy. Most people think that a hero has to be someone who wears tights and flies around at night, saving people from clown-like villains, but a hero is something more. A hero is someone who saves us from ourselves and makes us happy. In our time and our world there is an unsung hero who needs to be noted. He is talented but gives his talent for us to remember. He makes us remember the times when we were all together, and when we were happy. He travels around the world becoming another person at each stop, he is never the stop, and he is never him. No one even knows his name, or if he even has one. But he is a miracle, and we call this miracle The Imitator. One week he is Elvis, the next Johnny Cash, the next Walt Disney, the next Bruce Lee. But he doesn't do imitations, he becomes the person. It's as if he absorbs there being, and shows a glimpse of that person. The purpose of project Imitator, is to gather all of the known stories of this bizarre man and group them together, so we can show the world the kindness of the Imitator. If you have any stories of the Imitator, please post them.

This story is about the imitator and Gwen Stefani from the band no doubt…

It was a dreary day. I was sitting in my radio station with about a billion things running through my mind. All my thoughts centered around the same thing…how was I going to save my radio station? I live in a small, depressed town. It's hard to get a start in this town, but I let my dreams of being some sort of music star surpass the realism of the situation. Now this realism had caught up with me. My radio station could not last in a small town. That was all there was to it. I mean, none of the big stars that could help raise more money had even heard of the station. Even if they had, they wouldn't care to help a little music station that would barely be able to help give them more publicity. As I saw it, that was the only way the radio station could be saved, so I was pretty much screwed. We didn't even get most of our C.D's free like most radio stations. All my dreams were shattered, and not only that, I probably wouldn't be able to find another job in a town like this after my radio station was closed. I didn't even have enough money to move somewhere else. What was I to do?

I called my friend, Mark, to get some comfort. After I had balled my eyes out, he proposed that he had a plan. I asked him what it was, but before I had the time to finish my sentence, he had hung up. I didn't believe he possibly could come up with anything good enough, but my curiosity got the best of me so I kept calling all day trying to find out the plan. He wasn't there. After I was done my shift for the day, I found Mark sitting outside my office. I looked around at the dingy place. It seemed as if my eyes were being opened for the first time. How could I not see this before? Did I really think that I would get somewhere with a place like this?

"Hi," I said in a grim tone with a hint of curiosity.

"So I guess you're wondering what my plan is?"

"Well, yeah…I guess."

"I've brought you Gwen Stefani."

"Don't mess with me like this, Mark! I really can't take it right now! I thought you cared about me more than that!"

"I'm not messing with you. Advertise her arrival for tomorrow evening at 7:00."

"How can I advertise something like that? You and I both know that she isn't coming! Once the people find out that I've lied, my station will be even further down the tubes! I might even get some lawsuit shoved on my hands…I can't afford that!

" Have I ever let you down before?"

"Well…no, but.."

"But nothing. She will be here."

With uncertainty, I advertised her arrival. That night, I got more ratings than ever before. It was 6:58; my palms were sweating. Mark walked through the door and said in an undertone voice, "Here she comes."

What came through the door at 7:00 was not Gwen Stefani. She didn't even resemble her. She was just too fat and too ugly to be the well-known and talented Gwen we know. Though she did have the notable pink hair and punk '80's clothing, she wasn't fooling anyone. I put my hand over my microphone and said in complete disgusted shock, "What have you done, Mark?"

"I brought you what you wanted…just let her on the air."

"NO! You're the worst person in the world!"

In my terror, the girl took over the air. I couldn't believe it, she sounded exactly like Gwen. It was like…it was her, just in a different body. Then she started singing. As soon as I heard that unique voice, I forgot all about looks. Here was Gwen Stefani singing "Just a girl" to some provided background music. How she found that tape to sing to, I'll never know. All I know is that was Gwen Stefani saving my music station.

After the song was over, she wished everyone a nice night and left. After I recovered from my shock, I ran down the hall to thank and find this impersonator. She was no where to be found.

After that, my radio station got more hits. More industries wanted to buy air time, so money was much more plentiful. We bought a new station and new equipment. Our signal stretched further, more people listened, more people wanted to buy air time, and finally real rock stars started showing up for interviews and so forth. I have bugged Mark to tell me where he found that girl since 1997. He still refuses to tell me. However, I have one thing to say…you must always have faith and follow your dreams. If you do, they will work out. They may not work out the way you want them to, but it will all work out in the end.

Thank you imitator, wherever you are…