"Daughter of Misery"

Daughter of Misery,
Daughter of Betrayal,
Show me your pain.
Your solitude I know now,
Your solitude I see now.

Misery is a virus
For which there is no cure
Betrayal is an injury
From which I will never heal.

Daughter of Misery,
Tell me what you see
Daughter of Betrayal,
Tell me how it feels
To stand there and tear apart
The life that trusted you so.

What parents could be proud
Of such a daughter,
Such a one who reeks with misery
Such a one who seethes with betrayal.
Did they smile when you
Gave me your misery to shoulder,
Gave me your pain to feel?
Did they praise when you
Left me with this knife in my back,
Left me to stare after you and wonder