"Forgotten Friends"

You say that you are my friend,
That we will be friends forever
Go to the same college,
Lead similar, connected lives.

So why, when I left,
Did you forget?
Yet I suppose that it does not matter,
The world forgets,
The world forgives.
But I do not forget,
I do not forgive.

I remember that you were my friend once,
That we dreamed of being
Friends forever.
But those bastards tore me
From my friends again.
And you forgot me,
Just as everyone does.

I suppose I should be used to it,
By now.
Five times I have stood this,
Five times I have regretted
The friendships lost,
The good times gone.

But I did not forget,
And though now that you and I
Have been thrown back into
The same school, and, 'Oh look!
She didn't disappear after all,
She's here again!' As they all say
When I return
I do not forget that, even though
You promised to call or
You promised to write or
You promised to keep in touch,
You never did.

Friends again?
No. Loneliness has been my curse,
And if you want to incite it,
Do not take it away from me again.
I have grown used to this loneliness,
I have grown used to being forgotten.
And am prepared to do it again.

A new year, new so-called-friends,
I guess that I shall face it again,
I have embraced this loneliness,
It is mine,
You cannot take it away from me,
It's the only thing
That is truly mine.