It's eating me away

Feasting on my heart

Acting like a parasite

It's torturing me in the worst way

Burning me to ashes

Freezing me to ice

It just hurts so much

Knowing the truth

It hurts so much

There's nothing to feel

All feeling has drained

Leaving a lifeless body filled with nothing

Filled with nothing but

The cold bitter feeling of love

Is this what it's supposed to feel like?

Always thought it as a warm feeling

Where you live your dreams

But this the feeling of terror

Too scared to take the next step

Too scared to be left alone in the darkness

Always thought this was the feeling for security

Why does it feel like the feeling of risk?

Just make it go away

It pains too much

Too look into his eyes

And see nothing but friendship

And know the truth that he'll never be yours

Always be somebody else

It pains too much

To know that I will regret this one day

To know that he will forget me one day

It pains too much

That I'll never know if he loved me back