Standing on top of a building looking down at all the people walk around unaware that they are being watched, was Vince and Bala's daily ritual. Bala loved it because it gave her time to spend quality time with Vince.

So much time had passed since the day you killed Ken.

I know. We're learning that Ken had been right. The WPA lives on without him. He was wrong about his son though. When Ryo heard about his father's death, he took over the company and matured overnight. People fear and respect him just liked his father. Word has spread that Ryo is just as powerful as his father is. We know that is a load of crap, but have not bothered to dispute it. There is a slim possibility that the rumor is true, but unlikely.

Can't rule any possibility out.

Yeah. Either way, it has prevented people from challenging him and allowed him to step into leadership. From what we have heard, with him in control the WPA may be back in business again. However, it will still be several months before they recover from the devastating blow.

At least we have time to prepare.

That is true.

Despite everything that has been going on with the WPA and all the bad news, Curtis and Totonia did eventually have a long chat that ended with them tearing each other's clothes off. Totonia still finds it hard to believe that she is in love with someone who has a brain the size of a peanut. Curtis always gets angry when she says that, but then they end up making out and the next thing you know they are naked in bed together. Those two are terrible.

It's good that they are getting along better.

That's true. I just wish they would stop arguing.

But then they would not be able to have great make-up sex.

Whatever. "Coal, come here." A black puppy ran up to Bala and jumped up at her. "I still can't believe you got him." Bala said as she scratched the puppy behind his ears.

"What are you talking about? He is a black lab just like the one I had." Vince said in disbelief.

Bala cocked up one eyebrow. "I know that. But do you think that is really healthy buying a dog like the one that was killed along with your parents that same day."

"If anything, he will help me move on. Plus, he is totally different from Ash." Vince gave Coal a loving pet on the head as Coal wagged his tail at them.

"I still also think it is odd that we have a pet dog. We are vampires."

"So? I don't see the problem. Lilac takes him out during the day and we have during the late night. It works out just fine."

"I'm still shocked he doesn't bark at us and think we are some damned hellish creature. He should want nothing to do with us."

"He is a dog. We mean him no harm, and he sees that."

"Whatever." Bala grabbed Vince by the shirt and pulled him towards her. She craned her neck and placed a soft kiss upon his lips. "You're happy and that is all that matters."

"You're happiness matters too."

"Oh is that so."


"You know what would make me happy."

Vince gave her a skeptical look. "What?"

"If you would tell me what Hideto meant when he said we were connected."

"I knew this would come up again." Vince let out a sigh. "Fine."


"Yes." Vince thought for a moment before he spoke. "I can use your energy and power as mine. I can feed off it."

"How is that possible?"

"I don't exactly know. I know I used your energy the night I killed Ken. A used a lot of your energy to help me win the fight. You didn't even notice how I was pulling from you. I pulled so much that a lion appeared in the middle of the dragon and actually helped injure Ken."

"A lion?"

"Yes. I can't make a lion appear. You can."

"No I can't. I have never done anything like what you did with the dragon."

"Oh, but you can, and you did. You didn't even know you were doing it. The first I made the dragon appear, I thought it was some illusion. Slowly, I realized that I was making it appear. It was rather freaky. I learned what I did that made it appear and go away and eventually I was in complete control. Eventually you can have control over your lion the same way."

"You're not joking are you?"

"Nope." Vince pulled Bala into his arms and held onto her. He kissed the top of her head and then rested his head on hers. "We'll get through it and figure it all out."

"I know."

Life had changed so much since the fateful day when Ken died. The Inner Sanctum and Headquarters were at each other's throats. Vince was actually part of headquarters now. He needed someone in almost every organization to help him plan his moves and keep them all in check. HQ continually bragged about acquiring Vince. Vince just ignored them all as they continued to fight over him. Everyone wanted him to be their buddy and pal. The word had leaked out that he was this all powerful being. It was starting to become ridiculous. He would go into a vampire bar and be attacked by people asking for his autograph and other things.

Hideto and Shou kept an eye on the Inner Sanctum for Vince. Despite the fact that they were the largest organization and completely made of vampires, they were not causing that much of a commotion. They never had a great desire to take over the world like the WPA. They have been a fairly docile organization. Shou believes the reason they formed so long ago was to help protect vampires from slayers and other threats. Over the decades as vampires continued to get older and gain power, the organization grew in strength and in number. It had not been until the early twentieth century that their numbers had really skyrocketed. The morals in society had slowly been lost, and newer vampires did not find it their duty to watch over those they turned. Ancient vampires, like Hideto and Shou, found it there duty to watch over the younglings. If they didn't, they could be considered dishonorable. To them honor was everything. They lived in a time and culture where honor meant everything to them.

Natasha and Derek came and visited often. Derek told stories about Travis from his older years. Bala would tell Derek what he was like as a child, those few years she knew him. Bala continued to blame herself for his death, but Derek always insisted that it was no one's fault. Travis would have gone to the end of the Earth for Bala. She never realized how much he cared for her until he was gone. It was too late to thank for all that he had done for him. It was too late to say goodbye.

Bala also blamed herself for Ryku and Lilac. Ryku would have never become a vampire if it was not for her. And now Lilac would not want to become one, if it was not for Ryku's change. Ryku knew it would happen to him one day and told her she was not to blame. He just didn't expect it to happen so soon. He did slay vampires and often found himself defending Lilac against them. Eventually one of them was bound to get him. He was just glad Lilac had not suffered as well. Vince continually tried to convince Bala that it was only a matter of time when Lilac would want to become a vampire. He dreaded the day it would come, and refused to turn her into one. Hideto and Shou both agreed with him, which made Lilac angrier. Everyone else had to swear that they would not turn her into one. Vince didn't want some strange vampire changing her either. He tried to explain it over and over again. He told her how they would have power over her. With Vince being such an anomaly, it was really hard to convince Lilac of this. Vince also tried to explain what a terrible life they led as vampires. Hide even did a mind trick on her to allow her to know what it feels like. She was still convinced that becoming a vampire was the way to go and there was no changing her mind.

Everything seemed to be going well minus a few hiccups. The organizations would continue to go like they have been for centuries. Vince was starting to heal with Bala's help. Bala was coping with everything she had lost, but was unable to start healing yet. She would eventually, but not was not the time. The world would continue to live blissful happiness, not knowing what was going on right beneath their noses. On that note, screams could be heard from Club Soma. Vince looked at Bala and shook his head. It was just another day for them. They jumped from the building along with Coal and head out into the city night life. Their work was never done. Humans always found a way to fall into trouble. That's life. Or should I say that's death?