One night I looked up to the sky

To find that it was black

I whispered to the wind and asked

If moonlight could come back

Next night I saw some hazy stars

But still there shone no moon

This time the wind replied and said

My friend would come back soon

Until that time, I'd have to wait

Enjoy the starry light

But why, I asked, does moonlight hide?

It should shine every night

I mean, the sun shines every day

And often longer too

Why does the moon then feel the need

To fade away from view?

The wind sighed with some sadness then

And said it would reveal

The reason why there's days each month

That moonlight is concealed

It said the moon is filled with grief

Each time that she departs

She disappears for a while

So she can mend her heart

The wind said it is hard to live

When nearly everyone

Enjoys the bolder, warmer light

Of famous brother, sun

She knows she's his reflection

That she borrows from his light

But is there not some beauty

That is special to the night?

Of course there is, I told the wind

Does not the moon think so?

Indeed, it sighed, the moon believes

We don't care for her glow

For when she shines her finest white

A candle in the night

Most people lie in bed, asleep

And wasted is her light

Except on beings of evil heart

That's what some people say

And that's what breaks her heart the most

She chases them away!

But there is also anger

In the tears that she cries

For if the sun's so wonderful

Why does he burn your eyes?

Why is it that he runs away

When winter clouds draw near?

Though there are times each month she hides

The clouds she does not fear

Great grief I felt to realise that

The moon felt so unloved

That at this very moment

She was crying high above

I could not help but cry as well

To which the wind then said

It's needful that the moon does cry

Her tears must be shed

For when her tears roll to space

They freeze to form those lights

That twinkle even when the moon

Is hidden from our sight

In fact they shine their brightest

When the moon has disappeared

I realised then the crying moon

Makes stars out of her tears

Don't tell her that I told you this

The wind asked quietly

Just make sure when she next appears

You make her come to see

That there is beauty in the night

Her light is pleasing too

But most of all, she's treasured by

Some honest hearts like you

The next night I was glad to find

The moon was shining bright

So all the things the wind had said

I whispered to the night

I swear, as I prepared to sleep

A voice spoke from above-

I heard all that you whispered

And I thank you for your love

AUTHOR'S NOTES: I just sat down without any prior incentive and started writing this poem. Granted, I'd written down some of these ideas a while ago, but I hadn't been planning to elaborate on them. Anyway, I'm really happy with the way this poem turned out, even though it was really hard to write at times. I just love coming up with my own fantastical versions of how things like the stars and moon came to be, though this version is somewhat different to "The Birth Of Love", which is another one of my 'fantastical versions'.