A siren with her small blue haired child gently swim with the current to shallow waters where the fish are more abundant. Lurking overhead is a merchant ship who is stopped to repair their ripped sails. The two sirens hold each others hands and unknowingly swim closer to the ships hull.

A sailor who is whittling something out of drift wood for his beloved, looks over absent mindedly at the blue waters. A large dark object is swimming towards the ship, in a slow lurking manor. The food on the ship is limited to potatoes and dried meat, and since the ship is not rigged to catch fish there are no nets. He looks at the outside walls of the captains chamber and remembers the two harppons that have always been hanging there on three rusted hooks. The grungy sailor smiles to himself, ' there'll be fish on me plate t'night.' He thinks to himself before he tells the captian of his marvilous idea.

The sirens finally swim under the ships hull, shadowed from the sun by the massive rigs size. The mother looks up, the instinct to flee grabs her by the tail, yet the small girls hand makes her realize that she must protect her young. The mother siren looks down at her child, signals her to stop and dive down farther. The young girl thinks this odd, but does what she is told. She dives down and hides herself behind a piece of the jagged reef, and watches her mother.

The mother siren clears her throat and readys herself to sing her beautiful yet deadly song. Her heart pounds as she chooses what piece of reef to doom to the crash of a ships hull. Looking around she sees the perfect one, its large not very old and has already been hit many a times by foolish fishermen. She takes a deep breath, and feels the water flow over her gills.

"It be under da ship cap' in." a sailor with a piece of carved drift wood in his back pockect yells to the captain of the ship.

"Well be a ready fur when it be a comin out ya fool, don't go hittin me ship!" the captian spat back. To the large hairy captains back was a small young boy, his son. Trying to squeeze his way through the crowded deck to see the big fish that they would catch to eat for supper, he cried out to his father.

"Daddy! Daddy I cant see what it be, l't me through." His pleads to his father were lost in the swooshing sound of the harpoon and the crew screaming, ' now ye fool!'

The mother siren had only moved out of the shelter of the ships hull when she heard a sucking sound and saw her own blood. She looked to where her daughter had hidden herself and screamed at her to stay put and not move. The girl looked at her mother with terror in her eyes and small little tears made out of black pearls floated off her face. The mother siren looked at her abdomimen, her blood was turning the water to an off tint of red. Sharks would soon follow. She noticed that on the end of the stick that had pierced her, connected to it was a rope that went up and out of the water. In order for her to protect her child from the sharks and her hunters she must leave the water, now.
The young siren saw the shiny metal thing that had pierced her mothers body before her mother had. She was going swim to her mother but her fin would move. It was as if her fin had become part of the reef never to move again. She watched as her mother looked at her bleeding wound, the blood everywhere. Hidden behind a piece of the reef she was safe, but her mother was in open water where the preditors lurked. She saw her mother follow the rope attatched to the sharp thing in her side. Her mother then turned around looked directly at her and blew her a kiss. Then she watched in sickening terror as her mother pulled the rope, like a fish on a hook. In an instant her mother was jerked out of the water. Leaving nothing but a trail of blood and a scared young siren to fend for herself.

As they pulled their catch out of the water the captian ordered his son see the fish that he had caught for him. Holding the young boy close, the catch was dropped onto the deck. The whole crew was silent. They knew what they had caught. Meat and potatoes was what they would eat for supper that night. The wood carving salior looked atr the captian with a worried glance.

" 'in ya know me did't get a g'd glance at't. I even told ye so." His meak voice and the sea was the only noise.

The forgotten son piped up and asked his father 'what be that Dad?'. The captian looked to the salior who spent most of his time up in the crows nest.

"Get me boy outtat here. Now!" the sailor complied, picked the boy up by his waist and flung him playfully over his suntained shoulder into the captians chambers.

"The rest of ya, get to ya poosts!" the captain screamed, making the crew flinch and run to where they were meant to be. "Except yoo, come here." He grabbed the wood carving sailor by the shoulder.

"Do ya know wha ha'pens when ya kill yer self a mermaid?" the large, intimidating captain asked the sailor. He shook his head,no. "Fool, its like br'gn a woman aboard, ya br'ng oll of us bad luck!" He hit the sailor on the top of the head. "Now wrap it up in som' purrdy silk , frum da crats and toss her lot overboard." The sailor walked off and did as he was told. He would never have another marvilous idea again.

The captain looked over the ships side at the water, his burly reflection smiled back. Down in the deep depts amonst the reef a small crying face looked up at him talking to the water. She promised herself that she would never forget that face, her hatred wouldn't let her she desided.

The young siren stayed hidden in the reef till the ship, heaved sail and pulled in their anchor. She watched as the ships hull cut a ripple in the surface of her beloved ocean. As it floated away she turned around and started her now lonely swim to her grotto, not hearing the splash behind her in the water.