The Biography of Mr. Rock President

Mr. Rock President was born in 9237 BC. Well actually, he was alive since the beginning of the earth, when he was a fuzzy goanna, but that's beside the point. So anyway, one day Mr. President was taking a bath in the river. Well, it was more of a creek, but that's beside the point. ANYWAY, Mr. P was lying in a creek bed one day. Well, it was more of a night, but THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT.


So anyway, one night, Mr. President was lying in a creek bed when a leprechaun came and said 'Boo.' Mr. P can't talk, so he didn't say anything. The leprechaun thought that was rude, so he made Mr. P go Pop.

Mr. P landed on the moon. At first, he didn't like the moon. Well actually he did, but that's beside the point [ok, lapsing back. o.O]. Then he started to like it coz it was made of CHEESE. Mr. P likes cheese.

A terrifying cry of "WE LIKE THE MOON!" came echoing from. over there *points*.


Ok, these blood-curdling, chilling warcries were scaaaaaaaaary. So he decided to go over there *points*. He met Mr. Can, who was a can of Red Bull © someone.

"Driiiiink meeeee!" said Mr. Can.

Mr. P didn't like Red Bull © someone. But that's beside the point. Anyway, Mr. P drank Mr. Can. Then he grew wings, coz Red Bull © someone gives you wings, and then he met Mr. Tweed. Mr. Tweed is an Emily. Mr. Tweed introduced Mr. P to everyone else who lived in 'Welikethemooncozitisclosetouswelikethemoonbutnotasmuchasaspooncozthat'smore useforeatingsoup' town. [Author's note: I can't believe that wlikethemooncozitisclosetouswelikethemoonbutnotasmuchasaspooncozthat'smoreus eforeatingsoup isn't being corrected by Microsoft word. o.O tis a confuzzling world to be sure. *cough* anyway, on with the story.] There was Mr. Aku-Baka (a Bev), Mr. Fuzzy Banana (a Sharon), Mr. Milady (a Melinda), Mr. Leaf the Immortal Sheep (an Elaine), Mr. Sarshykins (a Sarah), Mr. Cazza (a Carol), Mr. Squam (a Sam), Mr. I am Normal (a Jacqui), Mr. Weirdo (an Ebony) and Mr. Crumbly Karasu (a Katie). Now Mr. P thought all the Welikethemooncozitisclosetouswelikethemoonbutnotasmuchasaspooncozthat'smoreu seforeatingsoupians were just strange. BUT THAT'S BESIDE THE POINT! o.O Anyway, Mr. P wanted to go back to earth using his Wings that he got by drinking Red Bull © someone. But he couldn't.

By some miraculous chance of nature, a Giant Banana crashed into the moon and made Mr. P go Pop. And so he Popped back to earth again. Mr. P passed Mr. Ig Neous on the way back. He was figuring out a Rubix Cube.

Anyway, he landed in a volcano and became metamorphic, and then he became magma, then a volcanic rock, then a sedimentary rock, and then magma again.

Then Mr. P turned into an Eraser and DIED.

The end.

Author's notes: Mr. Ig Neous © Sqam. 'Welikethemooncozitisclosetouswelikethemoonbutnotasmuchasaspooncozthat'smore useforeatingsoup' belongs to a song called "moon song" which you can find at is also © Shazza, coz she wrote it in science class with me. It actually was a thing that our teacher set us. Well, she made us write a short story about the life of a rock in a creek bed, and it had to turn into a metamorphic, then magma, then a volcanic rock, then a sedimentary rock, then magma again.

This has no offence to rocks.

Nothing was harmed in the making of this story.

Except me. ~Karasu