Chapter 1 Moving
"We're what!" Alex said surprisingly. She couldn't believe what her parents were saying. "We can't move. I mean it would be bad enough if we were moving to Kentucky, Ohio, or Wisconsin, places like London or even Italy would be better then Germany. I can't even speak German." Alex paused for a minuet. "Why didn't you even ask me about this. It's changing my life too you know." She wiped a couple of tears away.
"I know how you feel." Her mother, Sandy, said to console her. "Its not our fault your father's job is moving us. And you know that we can't stay here. I don't want to be away form your father and do you want to stay all alone?" she looked at her daughter's face. "That what I thought. Any way I'll find a job there. We'll all learn German. It will work out."
Alex couldn't stand being with her mother. She hated her at that moment. She had to talk to someone who was actually against the move. Who won't just tell me to deal? Most of my family will. My brother wont, will he? She deliberated in her head. No, my brother won't do that. What about my sister? I'm so confused. She wanted to call her two best friends, Sara and Christina, but in Alex's time of distress, both of them were out. She called her sister. Her sister was the eldest out of the three kids, only by ten minutes because Andrea and her brother Andrew were twins. Alex was extremely happy her sister was answered the phone.
"Hi Andy? This is Alex"
"Hi sis."
"Something has happened! I'm. I'm. I mean. We're. Mom and Dad are taking me and moving to, to, to."
"Just say it all ready!"
"Were moving to Germany."
"You're what. Germany? Now? Oh my god. You can't leave, you have friends and you guys can't speak German."
"That's what I told mom but I guess I have to go with them. I don't have any other choice."
"OK tell mom and dad I'm coming. I'll be there in three hours."
"OK. Are you leaving now?"
"Yeah. I'm just going to call Ben first. Tell him not to come over tonight. We'll have been going out for two years in a month. Isn't that great? OK I got side tracked. I'll tell you more later. Bye."
"Love you"
"Love you to."
That night the two sisters were talking in the living room waiting for their parents to come home. They were brainstorming ideas to have Alex not move. Both Andrea and Alex were so distraught that they were thinking in circles.
"OK what if you and mom stay here?" Andrea said.
"I all ready told you. Mom doesn't want to leave dad." Alex said as she got paper and colored pencils. Both of them needed to draw to do any serious thinking. After Alex drew three pictures of her sister, she still didn't have any idea what to do. Andrea had just finished her fifth picture, an old family picture when Alex was only three Andrew and Andrea were holding her, when she got an idea.
"Do you think living in New York with me would be better than living in Germany?" Andrea said to her sister.
"Oh my god! I'd love that. But do you think that mom and dad will say its OK? And won't it be kind of weird, me living with you?"
"It wouldn't be weird. It would be fun. You could have your own room and there is a really nice view."
"Hello! You do have a boyfriend. Won't that be weird?"
"Don't worry about those things. We still have to convince mom and dad." They started to draw again. When their parents came home Andrea started by saying "You know how Alex really doesn't want to go to Germany?" and then their mom and dad talked about how they all couldn't stay or even their mom and Alex couldn't stay. Finally Andrea blurted out. "She can stay with me." They all stood quite.
"Well can I?" Alex asked with anticipation. She looked from her mother to her father until parents stepped out for a minute.
When Alex's parents came back in her mother looked into Alex's hopeful eyes. "Now we need to talk about this. You will have to call every Friday. We'll pay for her expenses." They talked about every scenario that could happen and what they would do about it.
The next day at school, Alex told Christina and Sara about her moving in the summer. They were sad she was moving a week after her fifteenth birthday. She would be moving in only a month. For the rest of the school year she had a sleep over every weekend with her friends. Three days after her birthday, Alex's friends gave her a goodbye party. Almost the whole time she was crying. She cried a lot when she said goodbye and broke-up with her boyfriend. At the end of the party it was only Alex and her best friend. Soon her mom came and picked her up.
The night before she left, Alex was up until three on the phone with Sara and Christina. She told them to write emails, call, and that they'd always be friends. The telephone and some sleeping bags were the only things out; every thing else had either been put in suitcases, moved, or put into storage.