Chapter three History
Alex went and jumped on to Joe's couch
"Had fun out there?" Joe said as he pushed her over.
"Oh shut up. Nothing happened. Oh he says bye and Joe call him. K?"
"I was wondering, Alex, how long have you and Joe known each other? You said you moved here in the beginning of summer, but you guys act as if you've known each other forever." Mega confusedly asked.
"He didn't tell you?" Alex asked. When Mega shook her head, she pushed over Joe. And said to him, "oh, that's shows how important I am to you."
"I told my friends about you." He said to Alex. To Mega he said, "They just don't remember."
"When?" Alex and Mega said in unison.
"After we met, I told my friends, including Mega, that I met this girl and she was 'icky'. Then when you weren't 'icky', I said I met this Alex person and she taught me how to play games."
"Oh I remember, you said that she was in love with you." Mega said as she fought back the laughter.
"Oh my god. I was in love with my neighbor back then not you. That's all you told them about me? You're so stupid. I'll tell you how we met and all that junk." Alex was about to tell the story when Joe interrupted her.
"You won't tell it correctly."
"Fine, you can help me."
"OK, but do you remember every thing?"
"Just start already!" Joe sighed.
"OK. First you should know, that my mom's brother's wife's father, owns this building. My uncle had lived in the apartment at the end of the hall. My cousin and Joe were friends. Then one day, this was around when we were about four; my mom invited my uncle to our house for their sister's baby-shower. He said that he couldn't come cause Joe's mom and my aunt had gone to a business trip. Coincidentally they worked in the same place. So my uncle and Joe's dad, Carl, were taking care of the kids. My mom told him to bring Uncle Carl and Little Joey." Right when Alex said Little Joey, he punched her.
"I told you not to call me that." He scolded Alex. To Mega he said, "No one ever called me that."
"Even though that is a lie, I'll go on with the story. So all four of them came. Right when they got my cousin left Joe to be with my other cousin, the son of my aunt, and my brother. So as a host, my mom made me play with 'Little Joey"' she smiled when Joe smiled at her with resentment. "Any way, that was the first time we met. It turned out that my mom and Joe's dad went to the same college, and our moms had been good friends. So whenever either of our families had a big party, the other family would be invited. We ended up seeing each other a lot. Then my grandmother started to live with us, after my grandfather died. My grandmother couldn't stay in one place for long so every other month; my grand mother would go to my uncle's. I would see Joe every other month when we picked up or dropped off my grandmother.
"Then the summer I turned eight, my parents went to Italy for a second honeymoon, so my sister, brother, and I stayed here with my uncle. My cousin, Joe, and I would play together. Now and then when my brother was around, my cousin would leave us so we had to play without him. We became good friends, and spent every minute we could playing together. I came here the next summer, too. When my sister and brother were in off college, they had to work all summer. My parents worked too. My mother tried to make me go to camp, but I refused. When my mom asked my uncle what she should do, he said that I should go to stay with him. So for four years, I came here for summer vacation. My last summer here was when I was thirteen. Joe and I became siblings basically. My cousin started to get weird so I didn't even try to talk with him. Joe and I did everything together. That summer I had to help my uncle and aunt move. That was the last time I saw Joe. So basically, we've known each other forever." Alex took a deep breath.
"Wow." Mega said dumbfounded.
"Yeah, thanks for helping." Alex said sarcastically to Joe.
"Welcome." He said with a wink. "to help with the story, we did help Andy get the apartment." He looked at the two girls with a "so there" look.
Mega looked at her watch and exclaimed, "oh no! My mom's going to kill me. It is already twelve fifteen! See ya guys later." She sprang out of the room and ran to her house.
"This party was fun. So, you like Will, you like Will." He taunted her as he said it over and over again.
"Oh shut up! Its not like you've never had a crush," she coughed while she said "my sister,"
"Stop. That was when I was eleven. I didn't know any better."
"What you're saying my sister isn't good enough?"
"Whatever. Let's stop talking about her." He said as his cheeks started to get red