"Can you believe them? Flirting like nobody's business." Joe said to Mega out on the balcony.
"I know! And it's crazy!"
"Oh my god, you really shouldn't start talking about flirting like crazy, especially with Will. Don't think I've forgotten when you were crazy, not just crazy, but completely obsessed with Will."
"That was a long time ago. Please, really, don't remind me." Mega started to get red in the cheeks.
"What, you don't wanna remember the good ol' days went you-" he was ganna continue but he saw the look Mega was giving him, he instead said, "um, not just you, but all of us, didn't like any one?"
"Do you remember Jimmy? What happened to him?" Mega said completely changing the subject.
"I don't know, but where is Sean now?" they talked about people they knew and other things for a long time. When they were done, Alex and Will had come outside to join them. They were outside until it turned dark.
"Oh crap!" Will said when he looked at his watch, "I gatta go. My mom's sister is coming over, I get to baby sit my cousins!" he said with sarcastic happiness. "bye." Ah hour later Mega also left.
"So did you have fun with Will?" Joe said to Alex.
"Shut up. I'm ganna watch TV, you comin'?" they watched TV until Joe went home to sleep.

In the morning when Joe went to see Alex, she was making pancakes for her sister. He went and helped her by getting plates and silverware. Andy ate quickly and left. She had slept in, and was late for work.
"Want pancakes?" Alex asked.
"Is there I wouldn't want 'em?" Joe asked with a huge smile on his face.
"Well, there is the poison I put in them."
"I'll still eat 'em"
"You're such a freak. I'll give ya pancakes if you do me a favor," Alex said as she gave Joe her 'you know you wanna' look.
"I'll clean up." Joe said knowing exactly what Alex wanted.
"Thanks, thanks a lot." She gave him a big smile, and made him pancakes. After pancakes, Alex and Joe relaxed on the couch. After a moment of absolute boredom, Alex turned on the TV. It was ten, and Alex put it on Dawson's Creek.
"Are you serious? We're watchin' this again?" Joe complained.
"What do you wanna do instead?" asked Alex. Alex knew Joe had nothing to do, and there wasn't any other TV to watch.
Joe looked at Alex extremely annoyed. "fine." He said aggravated, "I guess we can watch this."
"Don't worry; you'll be addicted in a week or so." Alex said grinning. During commercials Alex didn't pay attention when Joe talked.
"So, do you miss your old home?" Joe asked after spacing out for a while.
"I miss my friends, but that's it I guess. I suppose I'm over my boyfriend." Both of them started laughing.
"So who was it you were talking about, Sara and Christina were your best friends? No one else?"
"Well, Christina and Sara were my best friends I guess. I was a lot closer to Maya, but we had this big fight, and we haven't been talking since."
"What? How? What was the fight about?"
"You want me to be honest?"
"No, I want you to tell me lies."
"Okay, so,"
"I was joking."
"Fine, but this is ganna be a long story, I have to give you background. Did I tell you? That Christina also moved?"
"Really, where?"
"I don't know, I got emails from Christina and Sara saying Christina was moving. I told them I was sorry, but now, Sara has Nina and Maya."
"That's nice, now tell me about this fight, there's no way you're dodging your way out of this one."
"Okay. Maya and I had the hugest crush on this one guy. Then I started going out with him. We were okay after that, but not best friends. So we fought more, over the smallest things. After a lot of fights, we just phased each other out. She stopped talking to me, I stopped talking to her. Junk like that. Well, when I moved, we never made up. And so we haven't talked in a long time."
"Wow that has never happened to me." Joe said trying to say something without being rude.
"Any way, the show's back." They watch TV until twelve, which then Joe decided he would test how well Alex knew her way around the neighborhood. He took her all around, eventually ending up at the "park".
"Okay," Joe said. "Take us home. Only if we start getting really lost will I help." He put out his arms showing Alex to go first. Alex got home, only taking two wrong turns, which didn't make much a difference.

The next day, around two, Joe got a phone call from Will. Will and his parents were going on a vacation, and Will wanted to get together with his friends before he left. At three, Joe and Alex went to Will's house. They were the last to get there. Mega, Tim, and Sophia were already there.
Surprisingly, there was no flirting between Will and Alex. Alex felt that he should spend time with his friends before leaving, then flirting with her. They all hung out until nineish, when they all left.
The rest of July went by fast. Most days for Alex and Joe consisted of waking up around nine thirty, watching Dawson's Creek, doing some kind of activity in the afternoon and then hang out all night. Some nights, when Joe's parents were fighting, Alex and Joe would sleep on the couch. Andrea wasn't sure it was appropriate for them to be sleeping on the couch together, but she knew nothing would happen.
Soon it was August, and Alex and Joe were getting ready for school. By this time, Joe was completely hooked on Dawson's Creek, and was sad he wouldn't be able to watch it. It was the night before the first day of school.
"Okay, be ready for school at six fifteen." Joe explained again to Alex. "We get to walk to school!" he said with sarcastic happiness. "Make sure you have all your notebooks, folders, and everything you need."
"Okay! I get it. Don't worry. Okay, go home. I need to take a shower tonight if I need to be ready before six."
"I said six fifteen."
"Well, I'm ganna need those extra fifteen minutes to get stuff I forgot." Alex started laughing when Joe gave her that patronizing look older people give kids. "JK man, just kidding."