Cast of Characters

Riana - the main character. She's a thief, abandoned by both of her parents, forced to live on the streets at a young age.

Tailynn - the Guildmistress of the Thieves Guild. Has an extreme distrust of all magic using humans and humanoids.

Blacwin - a mage. He leads Riana on her quest.

Jarlath - a priest of Idonea. He helps Riana and Blacwin to find books and records on Riana's parents. Resides in the tiny town of Modda.

Reynard - a fighter. He has traveled throughout the land of Dun Telyne. He grew up and still live in Glaebryn.

Amiria - an elf druid. Has a large hatred for humans and their need for cities. She also has some dark secrets. She lives in the forests surrounding Glaebryn.

Hamond - a bard. He thinks he's the best, but he really isn't. Lives in the southern port city of Cardyn.

Julitta - a half-elf ranger. She has been scorned by both humans and elves. She has no real place to call home, and is wary of everyone at first.

Fordwin - a dwarven fighter. He has long been friends with Reynard. He lives in the dwarven city of Stonegard.

Emelina - a halfling thief. She is perhaps the most secretive of all. She may appear to be a regular thief, but is apart of the secret guild of assassins.

Gods and Goddesses

Saer - the god of gods. He created the earth and the rest of the gods.

Absolom - the god of thieves, tricksters, and stealth.

Kenelm - the god of the wind.

Avoca - the goddess of the sea.

Avelina - the goddess of music.

Valerienae - the goddess of dreams.

Torvald - the god of revenge.

Cyril - the god of dread.

Athelward - the god of magic.

Basilea - the goddess of nature.

Roesia - the goddess of love and all things beautiful.

Linota - the goddess of the moon.

Hasculpus - the god of the sun.

Idonea - the goddess of wisdom.

Amien - the god of war.

Anketil - the god of the dead and of death itself.

Medard - the god of justice.

Ermengarde - the two-faced goddess. One face is the embodiment of all things pleasurable, the other is one of constant pain.