By Nicole Janine

Grey skies and storm clouds,
April rain falling down like tears,
Formed in a torn heart,
While hope is lost, replaced by fears

The loss of a smile,
In a face that is so pained with regret.
Unsure of what's to come,
Although the future has been set

Some mistakes cannot be fixed,
Certain wounds will never fully heal,
Too deep is the cut.
Impending doom is all too real.

(Why do you have to care so much?)

Meaningless apologies,
Words will not do justice to the grief
. Empathy offers little,
And absolutely nothing brings relief

(I'm sorry.)

In all of life's cruelty,
Feel the intolerable blame, while being all alone.
Like nothing else,
Into despair, a soul is thrown.

(You don't have to stay back.)

Miserable existence never ends
Serenity is lost with each passing day
Inevitable hurt awaits,
Forever and over, forced to pay.

(I wish I could make your guilt disappear.)