My heart skips a beat,
And my knees get weak,
Whenever I see you.
The way I feel is undeniable,
And if only you could understand.
But you'll never know what you do to me,
Never in a million years.
If I had the courage to go up to you and say,
"I like you a lot and it's always been that way".
Then I'd consider myself brave,
But the truth is I don't,
I'll always be afraid.
Afraid of rejection,
Of my heart breaking in two.
I thought I could ignore these feelings,
But now I know that isn't true.
I'd climb any mountain,
Swim any river,
To get you off my mind,
To make me find,
Someone else to love.
But my heart is calling your name,
No one else's.
And I know that I'll never really,
Completely be over you.