If I Told You...
by Katherine Chan

If I told you I wanted out, to not be,
Would you believe me?
Most people don't say 'Yes',
They avoid you more, help you less.
Scared of you, afraid of the curse,
A wound that no-one wants to nurse.

If I told you to leave me alone,
Would you do so, and never 'phone?
Say 'yes' to the first, 'no' to the last,
Please, I want you here before my time is past.
I need someone who won't leer or jeer,
Someone to banish my fear of being queer,
Someone to tell me not to worry,
That I need not be sorry
For being who I am.

I need someone who gives a damn,
And if you aren't the one,
I swear I'll start to run,
Far, far away from you all,
Away from the Hall,
Away from family,
So far gone so no-one will see
The tears I will cry,
At being unable to fly,
Unable to be someone,
Unable to have fun.
Tears I cry for now on the inside,
So will you come with me, for the ride?
Please say yes, I need you now,
More than anyone will ever know.

If I told you that you are beautiful,
Would you think I'm a fool?
If I told you that I'm going to die, soon,
Would you cry, would you swoon?
I know you'll never love me,
There'll never be an 'us', a 'we'.

So let me be, leave me alone,
'Till I'm nothing more than bone.