Quiet Strengh

I don't know what there is to say any more

Everything I say, you challenge

Waiting to put me down

I try to tell you I don't want to argue

Spill my guts, and tell you just how I feel

But all you care about is winning this non-existant battle

I widthdraw and I'm a chicken

Engage and I'm stupid

I don't care what you know that I don't

For I can think things through

Know why I do things

And keep friends

Without putting them down

You can say I'm stupid and immature

But I have the quiet intelligence to know Im smart, without needing to rub it in your face

And enough maturity to avoid the urge to put others down

You put me down

To raise you up

You need to know stupid things

To feel your smart

You push people away

But always find a way

To cope

You tell yourself you dont care

And you are to smart for them

Well, when you end up alone

I hope you remember this poem

And maybe you'll finnally realize

How intelligent I truely am