We are commonly fed the myth of, violence is only commited through anger and rage.

The media portrays coercing as a symbol of hatred. In the tale of The Tragedy of Romeo and

Juliet By: William Shakespeare, you understand that people turn to the desperate act of violence

for an assortment of reasons. As a society, we must try and psycho-analyze why people do the

actions they do, and try to not confine their reasoning into cliche labels. Violence reveals various

sorts of emotions, not just anger.

An intense act that takes place is when Romeo slays Tybalt. Romeo does not want to

fight Tybalt, for his new relation to him, and for the sake of Juliet. As the fight heightens, Tybalt

slaughters Mercutio, indeed, because of hatred. Romeo couldn't take the thought of his best

friend dying by the hands of Tybalt, whom Romeo himself could've murdered. "...staying for thine

to keep him company. Either though or I, or both must go with him." In this quote, one

understands that Romeo is not going to let Mercutio's death go. He has to kill Tybalt for

Mecutio's justice, and to give mercy to his conscience. Romeo puts Tybalt to death in an act of


Juliet fakes her own death so she can run away with Romeo to Mantua. Romeo, thinking

Juliet is truely dead, runs to the tomb of Juliet so he can die with her. Paris, Juliet's fiance, trys to

stop him from entering her burial place."By heaven, I love thee better than myself, for I come

hither armed against myself." In hopelessness, he fights with Paris, because he can't imagine what

would happen without being buried next to his beloved. He inevitably murders Paris in pure

desperation. Here, we see he is acting out on impulse, and his lack of something to lose.

In most cases, people would see Romeo's death as being a suicide. But if you look

under the circumstances you realize that it was fidelity, and an act of martydom. He

poisoned himself, because he could not bear to go through life without his one true love,

Juliet. "Here's to my love...O true apothecary! Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I

die." You see through this quote, that he is killing himself soley for the devotion he

beholds for his wife.

Guns shouldn't be readily avaliable to every citizen in America for the

mere reason that everyone goes through an immense amount of emotions daily.

As you've seen through this paper, peoople use violence towards themselves and

others for numerous reasons. If every American had a gun, what kind of society would

we be, with all of these emotions running through our heads? Humans are not stable

creatures, and therefore, in order for us to stop violence, we must elminate guns. This will

prevent an unsteady elite, in our world today.